How to write a response for a nursing discussion paper (Solved)

How to write a response for a nursing discussion paper (Solved)

Discussion Response 802 (Nicole Franco)

Hi, Nicole. Your post typically articulates the fundamental overview of what indeed COVID-19 contributed globally. Truth be known that every corner of the world was entangled by fear, including the health workers in the health care facilities. Among the health care workers, I agree without haste that I was hesitant to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Although the health care workers knew little about COVID-19, many did not concur with the vaccine’s efficacy. I agree that among the factors mentioned in your post are factors that truly made many healthcare workers hesitant to consume the COVID -119 vaccine. These factors, however, revolved around the rate of production of the vaccine, efficacy, and limited data about the vaccine (Paris et al., 2021).

Also, health care workers had no trust in the health system regarding the management of COVID-19. The health care workers also expressed their distrust of how some pharmaceutical companies produced the vaccine, which they thought self-gain. Some of the health workers who had initially been vaccinated refused the uptake of the next dose, made of the healthcare workers hesitant to take up the vaccine (Biswas et al., 2021). Limited information about the side effects and multiple vaccine doses made many health care workers doubt the COVID -19 vaccine. However, healthcare workers have confidence in evidence-based practice, and the rush of production of therapy for COVID-19 may consist of knowledgeable healthcare workers. The latter was hesitant to be vaccinated despite being vaccinated first since they are frontiers.

Finally, as APNs, it is factual that the adoption education system among coworkers and patients in sharing information about the importance of the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine has significantly raised awareness. As an APN, being bold in communication makes many significant others believe what you are stating right.


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