How to write Foundations and Essentials in Nursing paper (Solved)

How to write Foundations and Essentials in Nursing paper (Solved)

There is a growing emphasis for nurses and other healthcare providers to utilize evidence-based practice in improving healthcare quality. The utilization of this approach requires a strong body of research knowledge that nurses must synthesize and apply during care delivery. Research is the diligent, systematic inquiry, or investigation used to validate and refine existing knowledge and generate new knowledge (Gray & Grove, 2020). Apart from its relevance in improving clinical practices, nursing research is crucial in addressing areas of education and administration. During the systematic inquiry, research entails the collection of data, documentation of important information, analysis, and interpretation of data to generate meaning.

Developing research evidence in nursing requires the utilization of different methodologies. A scientific method is an approach that incorporates all procedures that scientists have used, currently use, or may use in the future to generate new knowledge (Gray & Grove, 2020). The scientific method is a process that majorly involves experimentation to explore observations and answer questions about a given phenomenon. The scientific method does not represent a single approach to research, but the application and modification of ways to conduct research based on the subject. For example, both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies have been widely used to develop research evidence for practice (Gray & Grove, 2020). The scientific method uses a series of steps to obtain information used to test a hypothesis and sometimes these steps can be repeated until better outcomes are observed. The method rests on the process of stating hypotheses, testing them, and then either approving or disproving them.

To do research means using the scientific method to take a careful and detailed study of a specific problem. Scientific research can be done using quantitative and qualitative methods. The quantitative research approach counts or measures in order to answer questions (Gray & Grove, 2020). The findings from quantitative research are used to provide a better understanding of the aspects of incidence, the relationship between two ideas, and cause-and-effect relationships. An example is research to determine the average waiting time in the emergency room. Another method of doing research involves the qualitative approach that is used to describe life experiences, cultures, and social processes from the perspectives of the individuals involved (Gray & Grove, 2020). When doing research using this approach, insight is gained without measuring concepts or analyzing relationships between variables.

Conducting research and applying evidence-based practice are two different ways of utilizing nursing knowledge to influence clinical practice. Using the scientific method, conducting research involves a series of steps that include asking a question, doing a background search, constructing a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis, data analysis, and drawing conclusions. Conducting research using the quantitative method entails the steps of conducting a pilot study, data collection, data analysis, interpretation, and communication of findings. Applying evidence-based practice, on the other hand, involves the synthesis of the best scientific knowledge with clinical expertise to make healthcare decisions. This method involves the synthesis of research using the processes of systematic review, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, and mixed methods (Gray & Grove, 2020). My role as a PhD nurse is to conduct high-level research that can be synthesized using methods like the systematic review to generate new evidence in clinical practice. Additionally, the nurse can be among the panel of expert researchers that work to develop EBP guidelines.


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