How to write a Foundations and Essentials in Nursing paper (Solved)

How to write a Foundations and Essentials in Nursing paper (Solved)

Post a brief explanation of what it means to be a nurse with a PhD

There is no doubt that the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs in nursing are attracting more students yearly. The PhD in nursing represents the highest level of learning for a career in the scholarship of discovery and research (Trautman et al., 2018). A PhD is the highest level of education that a nurse can achieve. PhD nurses are well-versed in research methods and primarily function to conduct important research to advance nursing practice and education.

What are the expectations associated with this degree?

PhD programs prepare nurse scholars and focus heavily on scientific content and research methodology (Trautman et al., 2018). attainment of a PhD requires a scientific emphasis where students have to complete an original research project that must is fully defended. Upon completion of the program, PhD nurses work as scientists to come up with research that can be used to power positive change in quality patient care. These nurses identify research questions, collect data, publish reports, write proposals, and conduct scientific research in partnership with other scientists (Trautman et al., 2018). Apart from this role, PhD nurses collaborate with more traditional roles in academia that may include teaching, coordination of courses, and mentoring students (Vance et al., 2020). As administrators, PhD nurses conduct performance reviews of faculty members and oversee department curricula to ascertain quality.

How might this be different for a nurse who holds a different degree?

PhD nurses are skilled in the aspect of research and gravitate toward the scholarship of discovery to create new knowledge (Trautman et al., 2018). The main difference between PhD nurses and those with different nursing degrees is research. For example, the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) represents the highest level of preparation in clinical practice. Education of DNPs revolves around patients and the use of evidence-based practice to influence positive outcomes (Trautman et al., 2018). Perhaps, it can be argued that DNPs utilize research and evidence gathered by PhD nurses in collaboration with other scientists to improve clinical outcomes. Additionally, these nurses assume roles in leadership, nursing informatics, public health, and quality improvement to ensure the best evidence reaches the bedside.

How might these considerations relate to your motivation to pursue a PhD degree right now?

The PhD in nursing is a career for curious nurses who desire to add to the science of nursing. Today’s complex and ever-changing healthcare system requires nurses prepared at the highest level to conduct research and recommend practices that can improve quality. The growing concern that PhD nurses will be depleted due to a large proportion of retiring faculty is a motivation to obtain the degree (Vance et al., 2020).

What role are you most interested in pursuing as a PhD nurse and why?

PhD nurses can work in scientific research, management, or teaching capacities among many others. I intend to put my focus on nursing education where I will work to educate nurses at bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. There is a large proportion of PhD nurses approaching retirement which is likely to increase the shortage of PhD trained nursing faculty (Vance et al., 2020). As an educator, I will have the opportunity to collaborate with DNP-prepared nurses to accelerate the translation of new research to the bedside (Trautman et al., 2018). I also intend to mentor students and work closely to guide them in setting realistic goals and identifying strategies to achieve these goals.


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