Differences Among Countries/Groups (Cultural, Physical, Structural, Technical)

It is important to note that one of the most significant differences as far as countries/groups are concerned is the Beta emphasis when it comes to collectivity and Alpha emphasis when it comes to an individual. This is more so I regard to organizational culture. This can be well mapped out I regard to innovation. For instance, there is a tendency to perceive innovation (Alpha) as an attribute that is individually motivated and innovation (Beta) as an attribute that is motivated at the team level.

Significant results/Conclusions

As far as the examination of the influence on organizational culture is concerned; especially when it comes to approaches regarding knowledge management, a number of research studies have been instituted. This includes examinations as well as structured examinations utilizing the case study approach. In this regard, it has been found out that the KM approach is in one way or the other affected but culture.

Other things influenced by the organizational culture apart from the KM approach include but are not in any way limited to the knowledge migration, the KM approach evolution amongst others. It is also important to note that there are indicators that over time, the organizational culture may host the KM approach as an integral part.


The perspective I select in this case is the Individualistic perspective. In this approach, the KM adoption as well as diffusion in China may end up being affected in more than one way as the perspective under consideration essentially discourages sharing, knowledge reuse as well as ownership. It is important to note that in this case, the less encouraging organizational structure shall go a long way towards affecting the infrastructure capability of KM.