Security is the relatively stable and predictable environment which a group of people or individuals pursue their goals without harm and disruptions and with no fear of injury or disturbance. The long known world security for several past decades was shattered with the knowledge that terrorists would attack any where and anyone. Many institutions, organization, banking industry and government have adopted the modern technological innovations to improve security and to offer the sense of security to the public. The computer and electronic age has introduced new security strategies.

The press media like magazines have been upfront in informing citizens on the latest computer security technology with clear analysis of each technology.  Magazines like Beyond Computing and Info Security have been of great benefit to security professional in making them understand not only the new innovations on security but also on security problems the world is facing. Security organizations like Security Technology and Designs (ST& D), Security System Integration and Access Control offers the most current advances in security technology (Lasky, 2003).

The growing use of the World Wide Web marks the advent of the age of technology which focuses on publication of various information including issues of security. Various security magazines have developed their own websites making an improvement in information dissemination to improve security. Despite the various new technological security measures, old techniques in maintaining security are still in operation but countries and business acknowledge that terrorism is one of the major thereat that requires new technological improvement.  Fraud being carried out through the internet also calls for improved security measures.

Some of the changes that have occurred in enhancing security are many.  For example there is currently the use of hi-tech sensors in every door and fences especially to buildings dealing with sensitive activities and information.  These high-tech sensors are modern form of technology which has replaced the use of moats.  Another same technology is the state- of –the –art electronic locking machines which are computer controlled.  This technology has replaced the old system of protecting room’s and buildings with warded locks. There is now the sophisticated camera system instead of guards walking about the buildings and gates. The development of technology in all sectors has been in paces with the continuing improvement of security measures.

The wake of the 21st century, marked a new awakening of the need to improve security in borders and airports of the United States as well as ways of enhancing global peace. Terrorism is considered as a major thereat to all business and countries in the world. This requires that the security professionals to acknowledge and consider the potential thereat of terrorists and develop strategies of loss and security prevention.

The integration of biometrics and computers has become possible with the new technologies with the use of access controls and closed-circuit TV (CCTV).  Modern society has been improved with the use wireless systems and telephone which are connected to safety devices and security systems. Another technology that has been used by some parties and organizations are micro processing chips for security purposes.  These chips are embedded on equipments giving the rise of the concepts of smart cards and smart cameras. Another security technology which needs to be adopted is the use of robotics.  This is a good strategy especially in guard operations and correctional areas which are mostly confined.

New technologies for security in markets include CCTV camera the size of a biro pen or a cigarette packet.  This can be a good system of security that will see the growth of electronic article surveillance (EAS) with the prominence of prepared packaging. The security technology integration is an evolutionary process characterized by the industry’s independent systems seen in the early 1990’s to the current more integrated systems. Various issues arise from the integration system.  One challenge arising is the shift  of  the job that once belonged to the trained security professional to the computer technicians who may have little or no knowledge of security measures.

It is important for the two groups of people to cooperate and share knowledge.  There is need to focus on future trends like the expansion of global markets in need of security  services 24 hours each day.  There is also a challenge of lack of qualified security workers due to the creation of multicultural and multinational workforces. The modern security technology has the threat of transforming human beings to the age of telehumanic (Zalud, 2000).

The field of security in the future is very positive.  Many courses on security are increasing leading to profesionalizatation.  Many governments and organizations around the world are investing large sums of money on loss –prevention and improvement of security operations. The business sector for example has for the first time incorporated security measures since the World War II. The technological advances if security is also bright.  Business and government buildings are using small portable cameras and radios, CCTV and systems of microwave detection.  The advantage of using recording equipments (VCR) and the digital system of computers coupled with CCTV are advantageous because they are very flexible.

The digital records and the tapes can be reused and erased. Compared to other old systems, they save cost. VHS are rapidly being replaced by the digital system in today’s market. The digital system however requires intense maintenance and is difficult to integrate to other systems. The digital system also has the disadvantage of being very limiting and has problems associated with remote accessibility. The advantage is that the digital technology has not problems associated with VHS.

The CCTV system is on high demand by the security market because it provides a camera which can be used to identify individuals and object within a quarter square foot. The cameras transmit images which are detected. The Remote Video Management System (RVMS) has been used in museums, supermarkets retail stores banks and in sensitive buildings providing a network for monitoring various sites and a widespread system of surveillance. The RVMS is a recommended technology for business and organization which have various departments in a separate or within the same building instead of employing numerous guards. There can be one room controlled by few security personnel (Fisher and Green, 2004, pp 45).

The alarm response system is also another recommended security system.  The alarm sensors are connected to communication lines of the protected premises which are then connected to a central station with an alarm board. The alarm board is responded and monitored by the security personnel. The chain link technology used as fences has been developed by the Alabama Metal Industries Corporation.  The chain linked fence is electrocuted which keeps thieves away. The main limitation of this technology is the high cost of installation.

The card operated locks for example the ATM cards are electromagnetic devices with cords to identify the card and the user.  The hotel industry can adopt this technology instead of using keys for doors.  This technology is advantageous because the security staff do not have keep detailed logs and spending too much time in the cores of key rotating. Lost cards can in a matter of seconds be deactivated.  The technology allows the hotels management to keep track of client’s time for checking in and out. The card operated systems are of various forms in the market today, they include, the magnetic coded cards, wiegan effect cards, proximity and optical coded cards.

The biometric system can be used to verify individual’s access to a building or a safety box. The personnel in a workplace can be identified by their use of their personal characteristics.  This can be through finger print recognition, signature recognition, recognition of the hand geometry, or voice detection.  However, the major disadvantage with this technological system is that it does not acknowledge that people change their physical characteristics because of stress, fatigue or physical injuries.

The latest technology in for security control and access is the iButton hardware.  The device is an extension of the technology of the smart card used in the industry of banking. The iButton device has a computer chip that is hermetically sealed in a stainless container. The iBotton records and secure information this information is used for security purpose. Another modern technology that allows the use of the old system is the electronic key. The key is made of metal as usual but has the electronic characteristics similar to a smart card.


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