Security Incident

A security incident occurred in Georgia as a result of a conflict between the Georgia and Russia. This incident was all about an attack cyber or network of the Georgia states. This attack affected some crucial government networks as well as business web sites. When this happened others could also derive some lessons from it. These may include:

  • It is not advisable to have a network system of a state being controlled by external powers or hosts
  • It was good to involve people who use internet on average in the network welfare. This is will distribute it and avoid flooding in the sensitive sites especially the ones dealing with government affairs.
  • Distributing remote lists of SQL which could be injected to the sites of Georgia. This will avoid their defacement.
  • Abusing of email addresses that are in the public list of all politicians of Georgia due to any events of spamming and any attacks targeted on them.
  • Destroying of all the channels that the enemy can possibly use to communicate with. This will make sure that they can’t converse within themselves and also they cant reach the locals who are also able to hack. This will ensure that their network is paralyzed.

Some of the legal lessons learned from Georgian attack are:

  • It is prudent to identify the ability of the authority to act and specify the applicable legal framework to the internet incident in question
  • How International Humanitarian Law is Applicable. The media and other concerned parties should weigh the matter before they declare it a war.
  • The general requirements for the Law of Armed Conflict to be applied. For Law of Armed Conflict to apply formal declarations or state recognition of war isn’t required.