Project/Thesis: Design a Competency Based Orientation for Electroconvulsive Therapy Nurses

Project/Thesis: esign a Competency Based Orientation for Electroconvulsive Therapy Nurses

I would like to design a Competency Based Orientation for Electroconvulsive Therapy Nurses. I would like to incorporate Head of Bed Skills, EEG interpretation, Rhythm Interpretation skills, psych meds, anesthesia meds, PACU skills, teach backs, restraints, Columbia suicide rating scale, self defense skills, porta cath access, iv skills, basic psych disorders. This project must use evidence based practice to show safety, outcomes, education focus for nurses in ECT. I must identify the need for Competency Based Orientation and why this is significant to implement.

Project Requirements:
The project will incorporate identification of a practice problem, expanded needs assessment, synthesis of existing research, and formulation of an evidence-based practice intervention. The student will identify a current practice problem and create an evidence-based solution. The practice problem must be a significant issue in the selected setting. The solution must be fully developed by the student and presented to key stakeholders. All materials must be included in the final document. Implementation is optional.

Areas that must be addressed in the project include:
1) Introduction
a. Problem statement
b. Significance
c. Purpose
d. Theoretical/conceptual framework
e. Definition of terms
2) Literature Review
a. Literature related to statement of purpose
b. Literature related to theoretical framework
c. Strengths and limitations of literature
3) Needs Assessment
a. Target population
b. Target setting
c. Sponsors and stakeholders
d. SWOT analysis
e. Available resources
f. Desired and expected outcomes
g. Team members
h. Cost/Benefit analysis
4) Project Design
a. Goal (overall purpose)
b. Objectives
c. Plan and material development
d. Timeline
e. Budget
f. Evaluation plan
5) Dissemination
a. Dissemination activity
b. Limitations
c. Implications for nursing
d. Recommendations
e. Conclusion
6) References
7) Appendices

Completion of the Thesis/Project:
The thesis and project will both result in a scholarly written document uploaded to the ProQuest database and findings will be shared through a poster presention at the Hunt School of Nursing Scholars Day event.

The Faculty Chair will advise the student in the preparation of the final document. It is not unusual for the Faculty Chair to review numerous drafts before the final document is approved. Reviews will be returned to the student in a timely manner to facilitate course progression. It is the student\'s responsibility to stay informed of deadlines for submission of paperwork relevant to graduation and to plan the time appropriately.