America’s Greatest Challenge: Immigration

This paper is about the greatest of America’s Challenges and the stand by various people and institutions about the same. Some of the major threats are third world immigration as is the stand by Finsterbusch, K. & McKenna (2001), illegal immigrations by Tom DeWeese in (2007), Bill Ong (2004) argues Americans are the greatest threat to America since most of them either don’t know the difference between numbers and letters while others have knowledge as far as fifth grade hence don’t qualify for employment. According to columnist (2010), the rulings of the Supreme Court in America and the practices of justice to the immigrant African-Americans citizens is a great threat to America for promoting racism and racial segregation.

According to Bill, (2004) some decades ago, America was in need of high skilled workers who indeed were not readily available from within the country by then. Business leaders took “Workforce 2000” and several other similar reports and used them to request the Congress for an immigration-based solution. According to the legislative history of the immigration act of 1990, it was revealed that the greatest threat for the American workforce was not the small size of the workforce but the lower level of skills among American citizens. This meant that the immigration of the high skilled people was needed to fill in the employment opportunities available back then.

It was also revealed form one study of the quality of America’s domestic workforce stated that four million adults in the United States had problems distinguishing letters and numbers due to their level of illiteracy while twenty-seven million adults had basic skills below the fifth-grade level. It was therefore recommended that more visas be issued to permanent workers under legal immigration. The literacy level of the Americans was their greatest threat.Finsterbusch, K. & McKenna, G. (2001) argues that third world immigration is not the greatest threat to Americans. In fact, they state that the Americans would benefit from the immigration by living in a more multicultural society, and that apprehension between the different cultural groups could be lessened.

The Americans themselves find it negative to have the third world persons come and occupy job positions they feel are legally theirs. Others go to the extent of establishing strong racism bonds and tend to discriminate the third world immigrants for their skin color, accents among other things. Another issue that causes opposition to immigration is because people believe that immigrants may cause the country to break up into separate cultural units, hence destroying America’s unity. This is mainly because of the Americans’ lack of knowledge of other cultures and the feeling of being endangered because of their differences.

Most American patriots value unity and tend to make it an excuse as to why outsiders who aren’t born or brought up in this country should not be allowed to live in a country whose roots they do not know. This lack of knowledge and ignorance to learn by the immigrants makes the die hard patriots view them as a source of unity breakage. In addition, most American natives feel that the immigrants are a financial burden. Some people tend to argue that the government spends too much in paying them, while these funds would have been used in construction or improvements of social amenities and infrastructure.

The Americans pessimist perception is their greatest threat.On the issue of illegal immigration in America, (Tom DeWeese, 2007) argues that Americans believe that no new laws are needed to stop illegal immigration. The relevant measure is to revoke some laws providing taxpayer-financed services to illegals along with the strengthening of the existing laws. The tools used to promote immigration were opening borders and assimilating the economy of North America included programs such as NAFTA, North America Free Trade Agreement and SPP, Security Prosperity Partnership.

With the knowledge of the corrupted dealings involved with these two programs, the American citizens rejected the Senates immigration plan a move that rudely shocked the Bush administration and their counterparts in promoting illegal trade. In response to the oppositions by the angry citizens, the supporters of the illegal immigration scheme attempted and still attempts to force their dirty scheme due to failure to accept defeat. To date they work hard to get ways by which they will work around the opposition and pass the legislation. They major hindrance to the success of this scheme is the anti-illegal enthusiasm that refuses to subside, but in fact has new developments underway across the nation in all local communities to stop the secretive Federal Scheme.

As if this is not enough, the supporters of the illegal immigration scheme point the finger at their opponents as being racists in order to weaken their stand. In addition, they provide evidence of how hardworking the immigrants are, by painting pictures of them working in the fields, doing what no American wants to do. Most Americans don’t want to back down on the issue since they believe that the illegal immigration is an income generating industry for the American government, about $300 billion a year, since it have as a feature drug cartels and Latino street gangs who make life unbearable for Americans in especially in the border towns which are declared no man land.

Another of America’s greatest threats is the supreme courts rulings. According to a columnist of, the Supreme Court rulings have despised the democracy of America more than any terror gang in the universe. What is more amazing is that even the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and department of Homeland Security know of their existence and practices yet they do nothing to stop them. Racism and racial segregation is a more prominent practice of the Supreme Court that subjects Africa-Americans to beatings and denial of their rights and other injustices

Even the innocent Africa-American is declared a second-class citizen and the memory of those who struggled and died during the America’s Civil rights lobby group were battered while defending the racism opinions. The big names that made life for the African-Americans are Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, the four pallid racists and one self-repugnant African-American who at present encompass the “conservative” majority on the United States Supreme Court.According to Jonathan Xavier (2006), the unfolding events after the September 11, 2001 incident has led to the need to reduce America’s susceptibility to terrorism, and reduce the harm and recuperate from the occurring attacks.

Terrorism has therefore been long declared the biggest threat facing America. This is because, serious investigation into the 9/11 incident revealed that most of the hijackers were aliens who managed to get into the US. The big question is “How?” This results to the link between terrorism and immigration. One major problem associated with illegal immigrations, especially by the Mexicans is the lack of strong border policing agencies.

Enforcing of these agencies is a move that the US federal government has as the best to deal with illegal immigrations. One such agency is the US border patrol, an enforcement Arm of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and currently in the US Custom and Border Protection (CBP) that seeks to sense and avert illegal immigration. The US border officials are the pose threats if they allow illegal immigrants.



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