Writing a Sharp Essay

Writing a Sharp Essay

Sexual harassment continues to be an existent issue in the Military despite efforts to reduce it. This has resulted in the need for research in colleges and universities to develop more ways to curb the problem. Have you been assigned a SHARP essay in school but don’t know where to start? Worry not, as this article highlights every detail you need to know about writing a SHARP essay.

SHARP program is one of the most misunderstood subjects, but it should be the most known. It is an existing societal problem, but it seems the right answer will never be found. Army leaders should understand the proper information about SHARP. This will happen through research and continued training. Writing army SHARP essays is one of the ways to find answers to the problem.

What is a SHARP army essay?

A SHARP army essay is a military writing that intends to discuss why sexual harassment assault response and prevention cases still exist in the Army. The SHARP program is meant to end and prevent sexual assault and harassment. The program aims at protecting military members and their families against sexual harassment and assault; the U.S. government strives to;

  • Reduce stigma when reporting
  • Increase resources and training
  • Increase investigation, prosecution, victim, and prevention care capabilities
  • Sustain and refine response capability
  • Protect the victim

Sexual misconduct and assault cannot be tolerated because they go against Army values. Too many assaults are allowed. The Soldiers, Citizens, and Relatives must be respected and protected in an environment of trust. The Military’s extensive Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program is being vigorously implemented and expanded. To prevent sexual abuse and harassment in the Military, the program ensures proactive leadership at all levels.

How effective is the SHARP program in the Army?

The army in the United States has employed the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention program (SHARP) to discourse the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault within its positions. However, the Ministry of Defense’s most recent studies indicate that the frequency of harassment and violence has not decreased significantly over time.

The literature that has already been written has also explored how the Military and the Army in general still adhere to various cultural norms that support ideas of gender and masculinity inequity. To better understand how troops felt the program affected them individually and the Military as a whole, the findings of this research included surveying soldiers.

Although the SHARP program successfully makes soldiers aware of the issues surrounding sexual violence, a critical observation shows that it fails to address the gender and cultural standards that have long persisted in the military and contribute to a culture that is supportive of assault and harassment. By not doing so, SHARP has had minimal impact on lowering the incidence rate.

Progress, such as greater awareness and understanding, shows that SHARP is not fundamentally flawed. To achieve better outcomes in the future, lowering sexual harassment and assault cases is necessary. This must instead adapt its educational emphasis.

Why is SHARP a problem in the ARMY?

The SHARP program is an effort of the Army to end and prevent sexual harassment and assault. The instances continue to increase due to the following;

  1. The chain of command

The chain of command in the Military plays a significant role in these instances. The chain handles instances of sexual assault and harassment. As a result, they influence the cases of sexual assault and harassment. This makes soldiers fear vengeance. The people in command should enforce the policy on sexual assault without blaming the victims according to the history.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is another reason for the increased rate of sexual assault and harassment. When members of the Military take alcohol, they lose sobriety, affecting their decision-making capacity. Alcohol can make military people do what they cannot do while sober. This may lead to sexual assault and harassment.

  1. Fear of reporting sexual assault cases

The other reason why sexual assault may occur is when a soldier is new at a particular workstation. Some people in the leadership may even harass people who are new to stations sexually. Cases have been reported where soldiers abuse their juniors sexually, but the juniors are afraid of reporting the incidents. This contradicts the aim of the SHARP program.

  1. Pride

Pride is another reason why sexual assault and harassment have continued to increase. After harassment, some soldiers are scared or prideful to report the incident. Some may feel embarrassed if their colleagues find out that they have been harassed sexually. This means that the offenders will not get the proper punishment. As a result, the offenders will continue victimizing other people.

  1. Self-blame

Self-blame is another primary reason why soldiers do not report sexual harassment cases. Some questions from people in authority may lead to self-doubt and make soldiers not report the issues. The public may not identify the number of victims of crimes. They may therefore blame themselves for self-victimization.

What are the Key components of the SHARP program?

To strengthen unit cohesion, skills, and training, sexual harassment needs to be resolved as a widespread issue throughout the Army. The command climate will be improved by reducing sexual harassment and sexual assault due to knowing the components of SHARP.

  1. Reducing the stigma of reporting
  2. Protecting the victim
  3. Increasing prevention, prosecution, investigation, and care of victim capabilities
  4. Increase resources and training
  5. Sustain and refine response capability
  6. Hazard detection and anticipation
  7. Hazard prevention and control
  8. Evaluation and planning
  9. Administration and supervision
  10. Healthy training and safety
  11. Management leadership
  12. Employee participation

BLC sharp essay title page

A BLC SHARP essay should have a title page like any other essay. The title page should be separate from the contents of the paper. It should include the following;

  • The title of the essay
  • Class of the student
  • Name of the instructor

All these details should be centered in the middle of the page resembling the APA method of structuring an essay. Check any SHARP essay example online to understand more on title pages. By googling what examples of sharp essays, you will find several results.

SHARP essay army example topics

Have you been assigned a SHARP essay but have no idea what topic to write about? What are examples of SHARP army topics? Here are some current exciting issues you can use for your paper;

  1. The training of SHARP and how it has failed the Army
  2. SHARP against sexual misconduct within the Army
  3. Effects of the SHARP training on the Army
  4. Sexual harassment and training in the Army
  5. What are the benefits of SHARP training in the Army?

To sum up

Sexual harassment assault response and prevention {SHARP} is the primary training to inform soldiers on the dos and don’ts of sexual cases in nature. There have been cases in the Military resulting from sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. As a result, the need to write a SHARP essay has increased in colleges and universities.

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