The Human-Technology Interface

1. Assignment: Identify a human-technology interface you encountered in clinical practice which needs improving. Provide a detailed replacement plan for the interface incorporating one of the axioms presented in the readings this week (MUST read chapter in textbook to develop this plan). How can this interface improve patient care?
- Please read the chapter I uploaded from my textbook (The Human technology Interface), so you know how to incorporate the “Axioms” while providing a detailed replacement plan for the interface.
-Answer: The Human technology interface that needs improvement in my clinica practice is “Laboratory Results”
-We are still using Paper lab results, the lab fax the results to us.
- The problem we face daily: Many times, we are missing lab results, we don’t get it on time, nurses give laboratory results to medical provider when the patient is already at the clinic for lab results (Medical health providers don’t get the opportunity to review lab results ahead of time in order to intervene appropriately). Late lab results, pt don’t get lab results in a timely manner….
- I’m uploading several articles about lab interface, problems faced with paper lab results, etc….
2. Type of setting I work: I work in primary care, in a family practice treating the whole family (children and adults). I treat acute and chronic health conditions (Diabetes, HTN, etc...). we recently implemented the use of EHRs, but we are still receiving paper fax of laboratory results.
4. PLEASE USE MY REFERENCES, I’m attaching all the articles. I’M also attaching the Chapter we are currently covering (Human technology interface). You only need 3 article for references, but you can use more if you want.
The references MUST be scholarly journal articles (Not from conferences, other text books online, goggle, .com).
5. I am attaching the chapter from our textbook, this can be use as one reference (Informatics for health care professionals (Mastrian & McGonigle, 2017)
6. We need only 3 references from scholarly articles, and I\'m uploading the articles for you. Hope this helps! You can also use another article you have, but has to be schorlarly resources.

Thank you and let me know if you have any questions