synthesis of literature paper

This week you will develop the practice recommendation section of your formal literature synthesis. What information did your synthesis of literature provide and how can you apply it in your practice? You will also identify a theoretical framework use in one of your articles (or propose one that you think would apply). These will be identified in your formal paper as 2 separate sections.

Practice Recommendations:

1. Discuss practice change recommendations based on synthesis of literature. What evidence did you find in the literature that you could use to address the practice challenge?

2. Were there any technological applications or can you identify a technological application that could enhance the practice change?

3. How can this practice change be sustained?

4. Describe how this practice recommendation would be clinically significant.

Theoretical Frameworks:

1. Identify and explain a theoretical framework that was used in one of your articles or propose one you can apply to the practice challenge.

2. How can you specifically apply it? Or how was it specifically applied?
Please see previous paper written by you to write this paper