Step-by-step guide for creating an APA-style paper

Step-by-step guide for creating an APA-style paper

Are you devoting significant effort to your thesis but worried about formatting issues impacting your grades? Don’t stress! We are here to guide you so that you can achieve the grades you deserve without struggling with poor formatting. Writing a college essay or paper in APA style requires thorough research, careful planning, organization, and dedication. The beginning of the semester is an ideal time to learn how to write and format an APA style paper.

Understanding APA style format

What does APA stand for? APA stands for the American Psychological Association, founded in 1929 to benefit writers. Its primary objective is to develop a unique citation and quotation style while presenting information with appropriate headings.

APA is mainly used for scientific documents, lab papers, written records, etc.

Writing an APA-style paper

Writing an APA paper can be challenging initially, but following these steps will help you create a quality paper that adheres to the APA format guidelines.

1. Formatting the title page

Ensure your APA-style document has double spacing throughout and a 12-point font size. Leave one-inch gaps all around the page. Your entire work should follow this format.

2. Create a brief description

Titles in APA should be direct, short, and concise, clearly describing the topic of your paper to readers. Aim for a length of ten to twelve words. For example, “Age-Based Influences on the Perception of Access to Healthcare in Cities” is a suitable title.

3. Put your name and the name of your institution after the heading

Apply double spacing. The title and these details don’t require additional spaces. It should look like this:

Age as a Factor Affecting Healthcare Availability Perceptions in Cities

4. Utilize the page header

Your essay should have a running header on each page (APA 6) except the title page, while APA 7 has no running head. Keep it under 50 characters and style it in all uppercase.

For instance: Age and Perceived Access to Social Services

5. Place the page number in the top right corner

The page number should be on the same line as the running header, aligned to the right. The page number can be automatically included on each consecutive page.

Writing the main body

6. Introduce your work

The introduction is the first part of an APA-style paper, but it does not require a separate heading. Type the title of your essay on the first line of the following page, followed by the first sentence of your introduction.

Your introduction should provide a brief overview of your subject, its relation to the research, and your theory.

7. Name the methods section

Bold and center the word “Method” just after your introduction. Clearly explain how your research was conducted. Use subheadings to detail subjects, resources, and methods. Avoid page breaks between sections.

Each subheading should be bold and left-aligned. Start each paragraph on a new line.

8. Present your findings

After the final subheading of your methods section, center the word “Findings” in bold type. Include relevant statistics that analyze your research.

For detailed instructions on formatting statistics and APA format references, refer to the APA guidelines for your discipline.

9. Explain the significance in the discussion section

Center the word “Discussion” in bold after the findings section. Discuss whether your observations support your theory and identify any research limitations.

You can suggest future research topics for other academics based on your results.

Executing the final touches

10. Add the references section

Reference every source used in your research following the most recent APA style manual. For citation generation, consider using the Purdue Owl APA citation generator. The “References” heading should be centered and bold, followed by complete bibliographical details for each reference listed in alphabetical order. Do not add spaces between each citation.

11. Include any charts or graphs you prepared

Format tables and figures according to your area and study’s design. Assign each table and figure its sheet if using multiple.

12. Set aside a sheet for the abstract

Summarize the subject, procedures, findings, and discussions in 150–250 words.

Center the word “Abstract” in regular font above the paragraph. Place the abstract below the title page.

Common rules for APA style paper

– Each page has a numeric value and a brief title at the upper right.
– Double-space the text in Times New Roman.
– Double-space footnotes.
– Center the heading.
– Capitalize the first word of the title without quotation marks.
– Format the references according to a specific standard with the last name, first syllable, and middle name.
– Bibliographies should include references and summaries.

Steps to writing a paper in APA format

Writing an APA paper step by step may seem daunting, but we will guide you through the process. Before starting, organize your content. Keep in mind the following factors for APA style:

1. Textual style

Choose a common and easy-to-read font like Times New Roman.

2. Margins

Maintain one-inch margins on all sides of the page.

3. Title page

Center the essay’s title on the page, followed by your name and school name, both centered and double-spaced.

4. Size

Use a 12-point font size.

5. Space

Indent the first line of each section, and indent block quotes 1/2 inch from the left margin.

6. Number of pages

Number the pages starting with the title page’s top right corner. Omit your name after the page number.

7. Running heads

Include a running head on every page, aligned to the left, and consisting of a brief (under 12 words) description of your title.

The title should follow the heading on the title page, while subsequent pages should have the running head in the upper left corner.

8. Spacing

Double-space the entire document, including references and quotations.

APA format examples

APA format examples may seem complex at first, but by examining an APA format example pdf, the proper formatting becomes clear. Refer to our website for APA in-text citation guidelines and ensure accuracy in your essay structure while adding your content.

Final thoughts

Writing an APA-style paper may seem overwhelming, but adhering to these guidelines makes it more manageable. Each step is crucial for your paper’s success, from formatting to citation to writing a concise abstract and conclusion. Ensure to proofread and revise carefully to eliminate errors and inconsistencies. If you need a top-notch APA-style paper, our service offers high-quality essays formatted in APA style at affordable prices.