Research benefits for Preferred Provider (PPO) Health Management (HMO)

Explanation of Benefits Research benefits for Preferred Provider (PPO) Health Management (HMO) and Managed Care (MCO) organizations. What is the difference between the plans? What are five key pieces of information most important for patients to know? How can you explain the benefits to a patient for an office visit and a procedure? Write a one page brochure or informational document for explanation of benefits to patients. A comparison chart is also acceptable. Cite your sources for information Common Codes Use Internet resources and identify the top five codes for a family practice, emergency room, and a specialist (any one is fine). Comparison Chart Create a chart comparing ICD­9 books and chapters to ICD­10 books and chapters. Use Internet resources to create. Certification Identify the certification body providing the exam you will be taking. Identify the requirements to take the certification. Download the content outline or blueprint and review for content covered in completed courses. Fraudulent Practices Research Using the Internet as a research source, go to your state’s website for the Department of Health. Research the laws that apply to billing for medical services in your state. Create a list of laws that are relevant to the issue of fraudulent practices in billing and coding