PH4004: Evidence-Based Practice in Public Health Nursing (Practicum)

PH4004: Evidence-Based Practice in Public Health Nursing (Practicum)
Access the following to complete this Assessment:

Assessment Template [ I’m attaching this file]

In PH4002, you verified a public health problem by interviewing public health officials and collecting data. In PH4003, you performed a community assessment based on that same public health problem and identified factors that contributed to the problem. In this performance task, you will use all of that information and continue working on your practicum project by locating and evaluating scholarly research to address your public health problem.

Annotated Bibliography and Synthesis Paper

As part of the practicum project that you started in PH4002, you will continue in this assessment by compiling research, evaluating that research, and then synthesizing it. In PH4002, you collaborated with public health officials to verify a public health problem, and, based on what you learned, you selected a specific population to focus on for your practicum project. Recall that your task in this competency is to assess how healthcare professionals can gain a better understanding of how to systematically choose the best evidence to address the health issues facing communities. Also note that you may want to review the concepts in the Evidence-Based Practice Area of Expertise, which offers guidance on selecting the best evidence.

This Assessment includes three parts: a short-answer section, an annotated bibliography, and a synthesis paper. These parts are all included on the Assessment Template, which is your only submission.

Part 1: Evidence-Based Practice in Public Health Short Answer
Before assessing and selecting appropriate evidence to support your public health problem, respond to the following questions.

Why should evidence be used when designing interventions in public health nursing?
How does evidence-based practice in public health nursing differ from evidence-based practice in acute care?
Part 2: Locate Your Sources and Prepare Your Annotated Bibliography
Locate five sources of evidence that discuss interventions for the public health problem you identified in PH4002. You can find scholarly articles in the Walden Library and find evidence housed within the Community Guide as a starting point for your search. You can also use one scholarly resource from the CDC, NIH, or other reputable health websites.

Use the Assessment Template to record and annotate all of your sources. Use the following instructions to guide you:

Use APA style for your citations.
For each of your sources, perform a systematic review: summarize the information, and describe the interventions and strategies used and the effectiveness of each strategy.
Comment on the key characteristics of the evidence that would be appropriate for the population identified in your public health problem. Be sure to consider the social determinants of health, the cultural factors that apply, and any other specific observations regarding your population and community.
The following website can serve as a guide in selecting and evaluating resources: Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce. (n.d.). Public health information & data tutorial. Retrieved from
Prioritize the sources in your annotated bibliography according to usefulness for your selected population.
Part 3: Synthesizing Evidence
Based on the information gathered in your annotated bibliography, write a 2-page paper that synthesizes your sources using your own words and ideas. You may want to consider using a synthesis matrix or another tool to guide you in your synthesis of the sources. The Walden University Writing Center contains information that could be helpful to you. They can be found at: Your paper should include the following:

An introduction, including an expanded and developed statement of the health problem in the community.
An explanation of your findings from evaluating and synthesizing your sources, noting the following:
Key similarities and differences in terms of the interventions used in each of your sources, as well as how effective these interventions were in mitigating the problem
Connections between your sources
What worked and what did not
What you learned
Your initial recommendations for the intervention plan you will design in PH4005
A conclusion offering an overview of your findings
APA style and citations for any resources used