Minority Groups and healthcare for elderly citizens

The four largest minority groups in the United States are African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans.

Select at least two of the minorities listed above and describe how being a member of that minority group might affect aging. Be sure to include the role of family and social support.
Highlight some health and chronic conditions that are prevalent in the chosen minority groups.

Describe the role of seniors in the chosen minority groups.
Explain the changes in the role of seniors over the years.
Explain any future challenges for the selected minority groups in the years ahead.
Aging In Other Times At Other Places
The proportion of older people in developed, as well as developing nations of the world, has been increasing. An aging population creates new economic and social challenges for nations.

Based on your research and understanding, compare and contrast seniors in the U.S. with seniors in another country of your choice. Your comparison should include, but should not be limited to, the following:

Changes in demographics

Family roles and social supports

Advances in technology

Living arrangement


Health issues
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Describe the role of seniors in the chosen minority groups.

The role of seniors in the African American community are historically placated upon serving the role of elders with wisdom who are revered and respected for their sacrifices made on behalf of the younger generations. They may babysit children when possible in reference to their health, they may also help with providing guidance within the community, and depending on their age and health, they could also live with their children who help to care for them.

Historically, Asian Americans are a very tight nit community that typically has remained insulated within its own culture. This is not every Asian American’s experience, but the definition of a China Town type of community began in America because many Chinese immigrants would come to America and remain in these type of insulated communities. Asians are represented by many different nationalities including an array of different cultures and languages, which is stated because of the Chinese example, but not defined by Chinese Americans. Nevertheless, the Asian American.