Main Idea

The main idea is preventing the children of poor families in Ireland from being a burden to their families and the country and making them important to the public.


Objective of the author

The author is aimed at helping poor children in the community. Most of the parents including mothers in the community are not able to provide for the children. The children and mothers spend most of their time begging. The children are more likely to turn thieves in future as they want work. Other children leave their native country to fight for the pretender in Spain (Swift, 1729).The author has not only planned to help the children of beggars, but he has also planned to help infant children who are born of parents who are not able to support themselves.

In addition, the author wants to provide for the children in a special way instead of forcing them to care for their parents, parish and also providing food to them for the rest of their lives. He plans to train them how to contribute to the feeding clothing of many people in the world (Swift, 1729).Moreover, the author plans to prevent voluntary abortions and murdering of children by women in the society. Most of the children are born out of marriage.

The author claims that one man in the society can serve four females. Hundred thousand children born by the parents are sold to rich people in the society. The children are breastfed well to make them fat and increase the price. For instance, a child is born at 12 pounds and breast fed to 28 pounds. Twenty thousand of the children in the society are reserved for breed. On the other hand, ¼ of the males are made to take care of sheep, goats and cattle in the society (Swift, 1729).

Cost of nursing children from poor parents


The cost of nursing children from poor families is two shillings per year. This includes cottages, laborers and 4/5 farmers. Most of the rich people cannot give 10 shillings for health children. Generally the cost of caring for the children is low and needs to be improved (Swift, 1729).

Advantages of the proposal


The proposal will reduce the number of rapists in the community. The rapists are main breeders in the country. Second, the proposal will provide help to the poor. For instance, the poor tenants will be able to pay their rent and corn. They will also be able to graze their cattle. It will also provide financial support to the people.The proposal will help increase the money need to care for children from poor families from ten shillings to fifty thousand pounds in a year.

This will make it easy to care for the children. It will also eliminate the charge of maintaining children after one year. It will also improve food in the community and bring custom to tavern. This will help improve the relationship between men and women as men will become proud of their wives. It will also improve the carcasses exported. The author hopes that people will consider the proposal before giving their views (Swift, 1729).



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