Interesting Nursing Debate Topics for Students

Interesting Nursing Debate Topics for Students

Many nursing students aspire to write outstanding research papers, but often struggle with selecting the ideal nursing debate topic, which is the most challenging part of the process. The fear of repeating others’ work and writing on irrelevant issues holds them back.

To ensure an ideal nursing debate topic, focus on tackling the latest issues in the medical field and introducing new perspectives to existing knowledge. For instance, when writing about cancer, source different materials and use relevant and up-to-date sources.

Your nursing debate paper should be exceptional enough for other researchers to reference and support their arguments. Cite and reference properly to improve the paper’s appearance and authoritativeness.

How to Write a Great Nursing Debate Paper?

Choosing good nursing debate topics is the initial step in the nursing paper writing process. Once you have a suitable topic in mind, research and gather key ideas and arguments to include in your paper.

Before writing the paper, create an outline, including the introduction, body, conclusion, and references.


The introduction is the first part of your nursing paper, where you captivate the reader and introduce the topic. End your introduction with a simple background on the selected topic and provide your thesis statement.

Main Body

In the main body, each paragraph should address a single topic, and the number of paragraphs depends on the nursing debate topic. Make a statement, explain it, and back it up with evidence such as data, statistics, reports, and quotes. Include counterarguments to showcase your expertise in the field.


The conclusion comes after the introduction and body paragraphs. Summarize key points discussed in the paper and restate your thesis statement. Offer recommendations for future research and mention any new contributions made in your paper.

After writing, proofread your nursing paper to check for punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors. Ensure your final piece is polished before submission.

Nursing Debate Topics concerning Midwifery

1. A case study on the experience of having twins
2. Safety considerations for obese pregnant mothers
3. A case study of postpartum depression and experience
4. Causes of stress among midwives and nurses
5. A cost-benefit analysis of telephone help for reducing postnatal depression
6. A study of the influx of births in South African communities
7. Consequences of depression and anxiety on moms and infants
8. Dangers and problems of gaining weight during pregnancy
9. Limits of pregnancy and risk factors in differently-abled women
10. Complications of Hypertension Caused by Pregnancy (PIH)
11. Mother-infant attachment and Women’s delivery experiences
12. Research on the effectiveness of midwives’ working shifts and hours
13. Postnatal depression risk factors and treatments
14. An evaluation of the effectiveness of natal safety self-instruction packages
15. Preventive measures for hypoglycemia in infants
16. Risk factors for gestational diabetes
17. A case study of midwifery care provided during twin births
18. A case study of a successful cesarean delivery
19. Group prenatal care: Feasibility and validity
20. An examination of urban newborn and maternal practices

Nursing Debate Topics on Pain Management

1. The usage of opioids in rheumatoid arthritis.
2. Innovative usage of injections.
3. Management of labor and delivery pain
4. The application of cognitive hypnotherapy for pain management
5. Management of abdominal discomfort
6. Pain limits assessment.
7. Management of pain in cancer patients
8. Nerve damage to the spinal cord due to prolonged constipation.
9. The controversy around botulinum toxin and pain management
10. Phantom pain syndrome
11. Treatment for bodily pain.
12. Options for long-term pain management.
13. The relaxation therapy of Benson for pain management
14. Rehabilitative measures for myofascial pain
15. Pediatric acute dental pain management
16. Arguments for and against therapeutic injections
17. Bone repair and opiates.
18. Pain management for hemophiliacs
19. The mobile pain management unit
20. A therapeutic strategy for headaches

Popular Nursing Debate Topics

1. What to do if a patient refuses to eat
2. Methods to combat infectious diseases without contracting them
3. Implications of self-medication without a prescription
4. How to deal with and eliminate alcohol addiction
5. The role of robots in nursing care
6. Can nurses act as substitutes for psychologists?
7. The importance of teamwork in the nursing profession
8. Discussing the importance of Nurses’ Unions in defending their rights
9. Why are the rates of depression among adolescents rising?
10. How to decrease the risk of heart attacks in overweight patients

Emergency Nursing

1. Conversation with a possible victim of child abuse
2. Methods for enhancing alcohol and drug screening techniques
3. Nurses’ stress management and ER cooperation.
4. Composure under pressure and time management techniques
5. Managing emotions upon the death of a patient.
6. The need for psychiatric screening of emergency room patients
7. Correct handling of child victims of falls
8. How to enhance interpersonal skills in emergency room nursing
9. Guidelines for domestic violence reporting

Elderly Care Nursing Debate Topics

1. Study of Atrial Fibrillation
2. Joint Conditions Related to Alzheimer’s Research on the Senior Population
3. Restless Legs Disorder
4. Geriatric Morality
5. Parkinson’s illness Precautions
6. Stroke and Cerebrovascular Illness
7. Reduce Cardiovascular Risk
8. Bladder Cancer Treatment
9. Intensive Care Requirements

Healthcare Nursing Debate Topics

1. How long should nurses rest between patients?
2. Leading HIV/AIDS control measures
3. Management of an open wound during surgery
4. The dangers of using alternative medicine
5. Are prisoners receiving enough medical care?
6. A comprehensive review of the origins of obesity
7. How to treat homeless individuals
8. How nurses handle work-related stress Are nursing interns overworked?
9. Research on the home care of cancer patients

Interesting Nursing Debate Topics

1. What are the critical causes of patients’ anxiety disorders?
2. What are the many functions of nurses?
3. The most efficient methods of physical trauma recovery
4. Present a detailed case study on effective migraine treatments.
5. The most effective methods for managing stress during night shifts
6. Discuss the diversity that exists throughout the medical industry.
7. What is manic-depressive disorder? Examine its symptoms.
8. Top arguments for making the healthcare system universally free
9. Discuss the future of medicine and healthcare in light of technological advances.
10. What are the essential sports medicine principles?
11. The importance of gyno education for young women
12. Share the treatment protocol for severe headaches.
13. Principal causes of type 2 diabetes
14. The restrictions imposed by medical contracts
15. Important strategies for managing high amounts of stress
16. Discuss the ethical implications of euthanasia.
17. Effective methods for reducing body temperatures at home
18. What are the primary causes of hypersensitive illnesses?
19. What issues are associated with menopause?
20. What is the most effective treatment for insomnia?

Primary Healthcare Nursing Debate Topics

1. Private sectors in the system of mental health care
2. Primary healthcare financial analysis
3. Ethics of data collection in primary healthcare
4. Primary care for patients with hypertension and hyperglycemia
5. Best advice for Prenatal care
6. Recommendations based on evidence in primary care
7. Treatment for persistent medical conditions
8. Local pharmacist participation in doctor’s work
9. Implementation of childcare services in primary healthcare
10. Skewed healthcare financing strategies
11. Medically unexplained symptoms in the emergency room Considerations for primary care
12. Medical care Quality Evaluation Methods
13. Modern immunization efforts in remote and rural locations
14. Treatments for stroke disease

Health Promotion Nursing Debate Topics

1. Parental Duties for Children’s Healthy Lifestyle Dangers of the Digital Age in Healthcare
2. Pharmacist Obligations
3. Safe Sex Culture Education for Adolescents
4. Medical Promotional Sales Efforts Ethics
5. Social Work and the Health Promotion Role Initiatives Specialized in Disease Control and Prevention
6. Advantages and Limitations of Telemedicine
7. School nurses’ Role in Nutrition and Sports

Adult Nursing Debate Topics for Nursing Students

1. Dangers of Healthcare in the Digital Era
2. Parental Roles for Children’s Healthy Lifestyle Medical Sales Promotion Efforts Ethics
3. Safe Sex Culture Education for Adolescents
4. Initiatives for Disease Prevention and Control
5. The function of health practitioners
6. Social Work and the Health Promotion Role Specialist Advantages and Deficiencies of Telemedicine Pharmacist Obligation
7. Healthy Eating and Exercise

Geriatric Nursing Debate Topics

1. Dementia in the elderly: preventative strategies
2. Changes and limitations of the sensory system in older adults: nursing care strategies
3. Risk factors and diagnostics for urinary tract infections in the elderly
4. Utilization of physical restraints: ethical considerations
5. Complications in severely ill patients as a result of an extended hospital stay
6. Vaccination of elderly adults: advantages and obstacles
7. Care of elderly surgical patients: optimal strategies
8. Heart failure in the elderly: present treatment options
9. Environmental conditions as a risk factor for functional deterioration in elderly patients
10. Ways to improve oral care for the elderly
11. Nursing strategies for ophthalmic care for elderly individuals
12. Sepsis management in critically sick elderly individuals
13. Care strategies for elderly adults with fragility hip fracture
14. Caregiving for geriatric cancer patients: psychosocial concerns
15. Care of the elderly in the emergency department: nursing intervention
16. Bladder cancer risk factors and problems in older adults
17. Dehydration in the elderly: prevention, diagnosis, and therapy
18. Gastrointestinal issues in the elderly: nursing care techniques
19. Substance use disorders in the elderly: treatment and care alternatives
20. Risk assessment for elderly patients undergoing cancer surgery
21. Alcohol consumption disorders in the elderly: treatment approaches
22. Transitional care strategies for older patients with chronic illness.
23. Surgery for pancreatic cancer in older patients: weighing risks and advantages
24. The significance of food in reducing osteoporosis risk
25. Changes in Health with Age: cardiovascular system
26. Ethnicity as a risk factor for the development of pressure ulcers
27. Cognitive therapy for older Alzheimer’s disease patients: efficacy and techniques
28. Advanced care planning: roles and strategies for nurses
29. Managing pressure ulcers in patients with hip fractures
30. Improving elderly patients’ pain management: care strategies
31. Diet as a dementia risk factor
32. Oral hydration in older adults: maintenance strategies
33. Oral health problems in the elderly: impact and therapy
34. The concept of dehydration in the elderly
35. Malnutrition in the elderly: outcomes and effects on organ systems
36. A Randomized Trial of Massage Therapy vs. Simple Touch to Improve Pain and Mood in Patients with Advanced Cancer
37. Adverse drug reactions in the elderly: treatments and care strategies
38. Individualized diets for the elderly and their significance in healthy aging
39. Elderly adults’ excessive drowsiness as a risk factor for cognitive deterioration
40. Optimization of risk factors for functional decline in older patients
41. Care for geriatric patients with a chronic condition: psychosocial concerns
42. Prevention and management of falls and injury risk in older individuals
43. Depression in later life: causes and risk factors
44. Physiological alterations of the musculoskeletal system in elderly individuals
45. Biological mechanisms and preventative methods for Alzheimer’s disease
46. Evaluation of physical function in older adults: the impact of regular exercise
47. Changes in elderly persons’ nervous system and cognitive capacities due to aging
48. Long-term care nursing facilities
49. Medical emergencies related to older cancer patients’ treatment
50. The aging effects on the immune system
51. Medication adherence in dementia patients: formulation and implementation of interventions
52. Individual differences in the effectiveness of pain treatment

50 Good Nursing Debate Topics

Here is an extended and rearranged list of good nursing debate topics for a research paper. We hope that at least one of these ideas will inspire you or give you a clue.

1. Burnout in the Nursing Profession: Efficient Stress Management
2. Modern Strategies for Vaccinating Adolescents
3. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Use of Opioids
4. Concerns Related to Pregnancy Weight Gain
5. The Value of Childhood and Adolescent Vaccination
6. Dangers to Female Health Associated with Abortion
7. Principal Pregnancy Prevention Methods
8. Women’s Potential Consequences of Abortion
9. ADHD: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
10. Psychological Roots of Anorexia Nervosa
11. What Are the Primary Autism Symptoms?
12. Antibiotic Resistance in Young Children and Government Healthcare Financing Strategies
13. Healthcare Sales Promotion Campaigns’ Morality
14. What Obligations Does Every Nurse Have in Any Circumstance?
15. Patient Safety and Human Aspects
16. Treatment of Patients in Prison: Home Healthcare and Self-Medication
17. Current Neonatal Procedures
18. The benefits of pet therapy for children with autism
19. Urbanization and maternal practices
20. Healing of Broken Bones
21. Case Analysis of a Positive Birth Experience
22. Continuous Midwifery Treatment & Care
23. Responsibilities of Each Pharmacist Quality Evaluation Methods in Healthcare and Medicine
24. Instructional Kits
25. How to Manage Diverse Forms of Eating Disorders
26. Morality in Pediatric Care
27. Effectiveness of Telecare and eCare Therapies for the Treatment of Speech Disorders
28. Evaluation of Birth Effectiveness
29. Rules for Pregnant Women Who Are Overweight
30. Preventing Childhood Obesity
31. Influence of Social Media and Popular Culture on Maladaptive Behaviors and Illness
32. Advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine
33. Medical Uniform Code Fundamentals
34. Reasons for Postnatal Period Seizures in Young Adolescents and Recommendations
35. Does Providing Spiritual Care Make Sense?
36. Sexual disorders affecting the average woman
37. Typical Headache Apology Causes Statutes and Regulations
38. The Importance of Proper Diet and Hydration
39. Emergency Department Symptoms Unexplainable by Medicine
40. Psychological Aspects of Infant Care Nursing Marijuana Management & Control Disease Management & Prevention Techniques

Nursing Leadership Paper Topics

The principle of developing leadership among nurses is vital for improving the performance of any clinic. This list consists of 30 nursing debate topics about leadership in the healthcare field:

1. How does the development of nurse leadership impact patient outcomes?
2. Which competencies are required for effective nurse leadership?
3. Methods for applying nursing leadership ideas.
4. Principles of transfer of authority in the practice of nursing leadership.
5. The significance of innate intelligence in the workplace.
6. Effective nursing professional practice models.
7. The function of the nurse in providing quality health care.
8. The Betty Newman theory is a nursing handbook.
9. Protecting employee interests in nursing administration.
10. Analyzing the nursing leadership experiences of college students.
11. Effective types of nursing leadership
12. Characteristics of the nurse classification.
13. Leadership in nursing: significant problems and possibilities
14. The significance of nurse leadership in hospital strategic planning.
15. What is the function of leadership in nursing?
16. Model of transformational leadership for nursing.
17. Why is it essential for nurses to participate in medical conferences?
18. Nursing leadership as a retention strategy for experienced personnel
19. Theories are fundamental to good nursing leadership.
20. What is a plan for retaining experienced nurses?
21. Monitoring methods for the efficacy of nursing leadership.
22. Methods for fostering nursing leadership in private hospitals.
23. Why is effective nurse leadership necessary?
24. The significance of conflict resolution in the realm of nursing leadership
25. Opportunities in nursing leadership exist for nursing graduates.
26. Nursing manual: intellectual capital theory
27. The difficulty of earning a nursing degree
28. Ethics in nursing administration.

Critical Care Nursing Debate Topics

Critical care nursing (CCN) knowledge is essential, from stress management in nurses to practical technics and strategies applicable to adult and child care. Here are some debate topics:

1. Postoperative CCN of Children Donating Organs and CCN Grief Experience in Critical Care Units
2. Stress in Critical Care and Its Management
3. LGBTQ Patients and CCN Nursing Decision-Making in Critical Care
4. Technologies Gray Gorrila Syndrome Simulator Training for New Nurses in the Critical Care Unit

Nursing Debate Topics on Women’s Health

1. Post-environmental factors that enhance infertility risk.
2. Share a comprehensive perspective on reproductive endocrinology.
3. The reasons for female substance abuse and addiction
4. Preventative measures for ovarian cancer in women
5. Causes of women’s sleep disorders
6. What methods exist for preventing pregnancy?
7. Significant causes of Cystic Fibroids in women.
8. How can sleep issues in women be analyzed?
9. HPV and cervical cancer in women.
10. What difficulties are associated with menopause?
11. How can acne be treated in women?
12. What are the most prevalent emotional premenstrual syndrome symptoms?
13. How do cultural differences affect the health of women?
14. What variables increase female fertility?
15. How successful are screening measures for breast cancer?
16. Describe breast cancer diagnosis techniques in detail.
17. How should infertility in women be treated morally?
18. Symptoms and prevention for common illnesses affecting female sexual health.
19. What are the effects of female cosmetic dermatology?
20. The causes and strategies for preventing vaginal atrophy.

Obstetrics Nursing Debate Topics

1. EBP during Pregnancy Care
2. Case Study on the Role of Gender Among Obstetric Nurses
3. Obstetrics Assistance in Cabinets Throughout the World:
4. Women’s Depressive Symptoms and the Obstetrics Nurse’s Role in Managing Them
5. Qualities Every Obstetric Nurse MUST be Successful Ob-Gyn Nurse Success Principles
6. How to Deal with Abuse of Obstetrics Unit Nurses by Patients
7. Social Factors Influencing Obstetrics
8. Obstetrics in Rural and Urban Settings Nursing: Case Analysis
9. Simulation-Based Instruction for Obstetric Nursing

Debate topics for nursing students on Pediatric Nursing

1. Modern treatments for HHV6 and meditative therapies for children with autism
2. Those affected by Down syndrome
3. Child obesity diagnosis, monitoring, and prevention
4. Stem-cell-based treatment for childhood illnesses
5. Herbal cures for children’s ear infections
6. Monitoring methods for children Asthma therapy
7. HHV6 pathogenesis in children
8. Child obesity is adversely affected by early exposure to endocrine-disrupting substances.
9. The parental psychological impact of childhood cancer
10. Type 1 diabetes risk factors and therapies in children
11. Treatment effectiveness of dance and music therapy for ADHD
12. The adverse effects of eating disorders on child growth
13. Complications in children caused by the influenza vaccine
14. Infant Meningitis prophylaxis and vaccination
15. A case study of childhood Tourette syndrome
16. Symptoms and causes of pediatric metabolic syndrome
17. Pragmatic linguistic structures Assessment for autistic children
18. Preventive measures for childhood kidney stones
19. Psychotherapy for children with severe ADHD
20. The dangers of nicotine exposure in babies
21. Early-life exposure to air pollution risk factors
22. Understanding Disorders of movement in children
23. Guidelines for nursing care for childhood nephrotic syndrome
24. Long-term repercussions of abusing ADHD medications
25. Interaction mechanism between leukemia cells and the immune system Effects of radiation therapy on people with cancer
26. Diagnosis of childhood asthma: a case study
27. Diagnosis of acute leukemia using molecular markers
28. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: early symptoms and preventative measures
29. Young age exposures and the development of cardiovascular disease
30. The effectiveness of cancer service delivery in terms of
31. Surfactant replacement therapy has positive impacts on preterm infants.
32. Strategies for treating hypoplastic left heart syndrome
33. Methods of treatment for opportunistic fungal infections
34. Guidelines for acute renal insufficiency nursing care
35. Care for children with congenital heart disease has psychological constraints.
36. Modern strategies for optimizing child cancer treatment
37. Modern therapeutic methods for peripheral nervous system development disorders
38. Differences in a race among Neuroblastoma patients
39. Severe etiology of measles in babies
40. Oxygen therapy results in the treatment of childhood blindness
41. Pathogenesis research on lower-mammal respiratory illness models
42. Prevention techniques for childhood and adolescent obesity
43. The functionality of lung disease-related cells and molecules
44. HHV6 immunology in newborn neonates
45. A cellular investigation of Neurotrophin and neurotransmitter receptors
46. Brain function changes in children due to anorexia
47. Prevention of obesity and eating disorders is infant disorders

35 Good Nursing Debate Topics for Nursing Students

1. Home care as opposed to nursing homes
2. Pediatric nursing
3. Principal causes and therapies for diabetes
4. Antipsychotics: advantages and risks
5. The significance of breast cancer detection
6. Intensive care nursing
7. Sexual orientation and heart attack death rates
8. dietary health and its benefits
9. Licensed nursing
10. Identification of maltreatment in households where the nurse is employed
11. Influence of breastfeeding
12. obstetrics and newborn care
13. Approach to treating Autism Spectrum Disorder
14. Managing chronic conditions
15. The progression of telehealth
16. When is the prescription of antibiotics justifiable?
17. The characteristics of ambulatory health care
18. The characteristics of athletic injuries
19. Managing concerns and anxieties relating to diseases
20. Palliative care and suicide assistance
21. cardiovascular disorders and their therapy
22. Electronic cigarettes as a means to quit smoking
23. Methods for the treatment of pain
24. Nursing Alzheimer’s disease patients
25. Brain injuries and recovery techniques after their occurrence
26. Development of novel genes and brain illnesses
27. Teaching self-care is part of a nurse’s role.
28. Pet therapy and companion animals
29. Psychotherapy as a supplementary treatment
30. HIV, sexual behavior, pregnancy, and lactation
31. Nursing staff burnout
32. Psychiatric disorders of cancer patients
33. Massage treatment
34. The treatment of eating disorders
35. Depression, stress, and information overload. Should they receive medical care?

The Bottom Line

Selecting an ideal nursing debate topic is the first challenging part of writing a research paper. The rest of the process follows the typical five-part essay format, i.e., introduction, main body, and conclusion. The list of debate topics for nursing students should get you started. Find an issue in the nursing field that interests you, research the relevant information, create an essay outline, and begin working on your research paper.

If you encounter difficulties writing your essay, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Our experts are available 24/7 to assist you.