How to write a cover page for an Essay

How to write a cover page for an Essay

An essay cover page also known as the title page is like the main door to reading your work. This is the first page of a document or any academic essay or paperwork and it determines whether the reader will be interested or not. The cover page contains the title of the paper, your name, the name of the course and the code, the institution’s name, the name of your professor or the instructor and the period of the research.

Many academic papers and other publications must have a cover page. An essay is an academic paper that requires a cover page. Let us delve into how to write a cover page for an essay using different formats and styles.

What is an Essay Cover Page?

An essay cover page is the front page of an essay that gives you details about the content of the essay. The cover page gives the reader a snapshot of your writing. Your cover page must contain a title that will convince the reader to create time for your piece.

Writing a cover page can take different styles and formats that are academically accepted. Let us discuss in detail the formats that can be used to write essay cover pages.

Writing a cover Page for an Essay Using MLA Style

Modern Language Association (MLA) is used to specify rules for the layout and citations in essay writing. It provides citation sources for writers through parenthesis for their essays and other academic writing citations. The greatest advantage of MLA style is it can cover the writers from plagiarism accusations which is considered unethical in any kind of writing. It is commonly applicable in humanities, language and cultural studies.

Contents of MLA Cover Page Format

The Modern Language Association (MLA) has strict format adherence. Below are the format details for MLA

  1. All the first letters must be in the capital except for the conjunction words.
  2. The cover page in MLA format must be double-spaced and with the letters in the centre.
  3. Leave a number of lines before writing your name, the title course, your lecture’s name, your admission number and the assignment due date.
  4. The fonts are Times New Roman with a font size of 12
  5. All the first letters must be in the capital except for the conjunction words.
  6. The cover page must contain the name of the institution then skip one-third of the page before adding any subtitle if there is one.
  7. The fonts are Times New Roman with a font size of 12
  8. Leave a number of lines before writing your name, the title course, your lecture’s name, your admission number and the assignment due date.

Above is the format of MLA. Below is an example of a cover page.

How to write a cover page using APA Style

American Psychological Association (APA) is used commonly in social sciences citations. It is the commonly used style in academic writing. The revised 7th edition has the general layout of research papers, citation in-texts, footnotes and page references. APA has different instructions for the cover page for all academic writing.

APA style cover page format

The title page in APA contains the paper title, the name of the institution, the author’s name and a note from the author for professional writing. Students’ paperwork should contain their names, the name of the institution, the administration number, the lecture’s name and the assignment date range.

The title of the work should be typed in both lower and upper case on the upper half of the paper, bold and centred. In APA, titles should not be ambiguous or too wordy but should be precise and to the point. The leverage on the title is up to two lines. The text all over the page must follow the rule of double spacing.

After the title of the work blow, it adds the three manes of the author and then the name of the institution showing where the data was collected. You must not add the titles the author hold.

In the professional paperwork, you must include the author’s note after the institution which might consume the other half of the page. The note is to be divided into paragraphs that are the introduction the body and the conclusion. The first paragraph is the name and the relevant id if any is available.

The second paragraph should indicate and combination of the authors while the third paragraph is about any acknowledgements the author wants to make, any conflicting interests, and financial and moral support acknowledgement from either family or fellow authors. The authors are not to be included in the student paper. However, some lecturers might request one.

The APA format title page for the academic paper includes these main parts:

  1. Must contain the title of the APA format paper
  2. Must have the names of all the authors
  3. Must have the name of the institution
  4. Must include the course number and the title
  5. The lecture’s name must be included
  6. The timeline of the project must be included.

Let us discuss further some essential guidelines for developing the title page in APA style format.

  1. The title should give an outlook of the main essay. It must not contain abbreviations, and should not be too wordy but straight to the point and understandable.
  2. The title should be centred and placed in about 3-4 lines from the top.
  3. The title should be in title case, must be bold must maintain the same font and size as the body. The title should not be underlined and not italicized.
  4. Title page texts must be within the rule of double spacing.
  5. Author’s education titles must not be included, on the flip, you can include the titles of your lectures.
  6. The institutions’ names where the research was conducted by the author must also appear on this page.

Take a look at the APA format examples paper below that displays proper spacing. Application essay and dissertation essay samples are available for your revision on

 Cover page using Chicago Style

Chicago Manual of Styles (CMOS) is referred to as the editor’s bible because of its wide in topics coverage like manuscript preparation and publication, usage of grammar and documentation.

The only difference between Chicago styles and APA is the presence of the footnotes in Chicago styles unlike in APA styles.  It is an indispensable reference for writers, editors, proofreaders, indexers, copywriters, designers, and publishers, informing the editorial canon with sound, definitive advice.

Chicago Style Cover Page Format

When we talk about creating a title page in Chicago Style, there are guidelines to do it. The title page can be created separately or you can choose to write your title on the first page. For a separate title page, you need to meet these guidelines.

Below are to be considered when applying the Chicago format

  1. Consider double-space the words.
  2. Use font 12 pt in Times New Roman.
  3. Use margins of 1 – inch
  4. New paragraphs are to be indented new with ½ inch.
  5. Page numbering should be at the top right corner or at the bottom centre.
  6. The title is ⅓ of the way down.
  7. Subtitles should be under the title and the colon placed under the main title.
  8. At three-quarter spaces down, write your name, date, courses and any other information as directed by the lecturer.
  9. The headline must be capitalized and put in bold.
  10. The subtitle must also be in bold with the same font size and type as the title.

All the guidelines remain unchanged unless a specific instruction has been advised by your lecturer. Our team has put in place Chicago Style templates and samples available on The cover page should not be numbered but must be included in the page count.

Example of Chicago Style

The format starts with the author’s first name then the last name, the Title of the Book (Place of publication: publisher, year), and page number(s). Albert Einstein, the Meaning of Relativity (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1923), 44–45. Einstein, The Meaning of Relativity, 89.

ASA style cover page

The American Sociological Association (ASA) style is generally meant for authors who are working on manuscripts meant for publication in the ASA journal. The style can also be used b students with instruction from their lecturer.

The format of the cover page

Below are elements of the APA title format:

  1. A title can be followed by an asterisk
  2. Add the name of the school, your name and the name of the author.
  3. The title must have footnotes with the names and addresses of the author
  4. The acknowledgement must be included
  5. An indication of complete word count
  6. The running head has to be included
  7. Credits must also be mentioned.

Turabian title page format

Turabian style and Chicago styles are almost the same but only in defers is that the Turabian style part of the Chicago Style a broken down and made simpler for journaling, publication and research writing

According to the Turabian format, academic writings can either have a title page or the title can be included on the first page of the writing.

Here are the guidelines in Turabian format

  1. The title must be at the centre after a third of the page.
  2. Names, dates, and course codes should be written 2/3 downwards.
  3. There should be equal and uniform alignment
  4. Consider the rule of double spacing

There are a number of cover page formats that you can choose from depending on the instructions from your instructor. Different institutions adopt different formats.

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Writing a cover page for an Essay is not as hard but with the right information, it becomes enjoyable. There are different formats that are academically accepted worldwide. The choice of writing style and format is dependent on your instructors’ instructions and the type of writing. Names of the authors and the authors’ notes will be included in publication and journal writing but will not be included in academic writing.

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