Healthcare Informatics Theories & Policies

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Topic:Healthcare Informatics Theories & Policies
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Details:Purpose: To examine various healthcare informatics theories and policies related to the entire implementation process of information systems in a complex health care system. Directions: Identify the nursing terminologies used in your area of practice (e.g., PNDS, NANDA, Omaha Home Health Care, etc.). If you are working in a practice are, consider a practice area with which you may be familiar. Consider the following questions for developing your scholarly paper: The paper must include a discussion of the following: 1. What approach is used for the development of your selected terminology? 2. What extent would this standardized nursing terminology be captured in nursing practice, explain your answer? What organization or group approved the language? 3. What methods should be used to ensure appropriate implementation and terminology consistent usage? 4. How does the nursing language support data collection for “Meaningful Use?† How would outcomes be measured or used in advance nursing practice? 5. What are the benefits and barriers for using this or any standardized nursing terminology? What makes this use beneficial or what prevents the use of a terminology? 6. Should there be a standard for nursing language?