Evidence-Based Intervention Plan (Practicum)

Evidence-Based Intervention Plan (Practicum)

Your practicum presentation is the culmination of all the work you have accomplished so far in this Area of Expertise. You will include a presentation of all your synthesized research about a health problem in your community, a plan for how to intervene, and a plan for how to evaluate your intervention. Your presentation will include information you developed in PH4002, PH4003, and PH4004. Use the following guide to create your presentation and essay:

For the first three sections of your presentation, use the Practicum Presentation Template to synthesize information that you prepared in PH4002, PH4003, and PH4004. Include the following:

Describe and quantify the health problem (2 slides)
Supporting information gathered from the community assessment (2 slides)
Synthesize and evaluate the literature (2 slides)
Developing an Intervention Plan (6 slides)

Use the research you completed for PH4002, PH4003, and PH4004 to develop your own intervention plan. Include the following:

A description of your intervention plan
An outline of the steps that you would take to implement your intervention plan
An explanation of the social and cultural characteristics that you took into consideration when developing your intervention plan
An explanation of how your intervention plan addresses risk factors, social determinants, upstream factors, and access to resources for the health problem in your community
An explanation of the possible barriers to implementing the intervention plan
Developing a Plan to Evaluate Success (2 slides)

Finally, develop a plan that you can use to evaluate an intervention’s success. Include the following:

A description of criteria that can be used to benchmark successful interventions
An explanation of specific goals for the evaluation of the intervention
Include the resources used in your intervention plan and evaluation plan.

Presenting Your Intervention Plan

The next step in this assessment is to present your entire PowerPoint presentation to at least two healthcare professionals in the community (preferably those with whom you collaborated initially) and ask them for their help in improving your intervention plan. Before you begin your presentation, hand out the Feedback Form to the attendees and ask them to fill it out as you present. After your presentation, collect the forms, read through the comments, and incorporate their feedback into your reflection paper.

Reflecting on Your Plan

Based on the feedback from your presentation, write a 1 page essay that addresses the following:

A list of the changes you could make to your intervention plan in response to the feedback you received about your presentation
An explanation of how your intervention might be enhanced through the feedback
A list of ways you could implement your intervention in the community by collaborating with other nurses, healthcare professionals, government, or community leaders