Educational APP Paper

Education APP Paper (20%):

The purpose of the paper is to examine patient/consumer education that uses the internet and/or web technology (apps) as an educational intervention for the health needs of clients and their families. Nurses teach patients every day in a variety of settings and it is important to document the outcomes. What works? What is effective? Pick one APP and evaluate the process to determine if it is an effective strategy to improve what we teach and the way we teach. For this assignment you will identify, describe, synthesize and evaluate one computer -based education tool focusing on health-related consumer or patient education.


1. Identify one computerized education (app); that can be downloaded to a Smart phone or tablet. Download and use the app. Be sure it is free to download. Attempt to find a nursing journal or a nursing reference that supports this app. Paper should be 5-6 pages, APA format, with citations and references. Abstracts are not required. The paper should have a cover page, running head, subheadings references and citations. Do not exceed 6 pages (this includes title page and reference page). Two references minimum, one from a journal and one from a text. References should not be older than 5 years.

2. Paper is to Include:

~ Introduction (5%) Set the stage for the reader. Introduce the purpose of the paper. This is your most important paragraph.

~ Target audience to which this app is useful; Goals of use and extent of its use (15%).

~ Description of educational tool’s: (40% each):

a. Methods of use of the app, ease of use, adaptability to learner
b. Is the app effective? Support with literature reference
c. Discuss outcomes, benefits and disadvantages of the app

~ Summary comparing and contrasting the positive and negative aspects and the
effectiveness of the tool (20%).

~ Conclusion (10 %) final thoughts.

~ APA format, grammar, references, etc. (10 %).

Sample APP papers can be found in e campus.

The APP I will be using VA APP PTSD COACH APP available google play android free app