Withdrawal of life support Ethics in these communities

Withdrawal of life support
Choose a culture from any of the readings from this course with whom you have never worked. Discuss the spirituality, death rituals, and health care practices or beliefs of this culture.?People of Navajo Indian heritage,?The Amish
?People of Appalachian heritage
?People of Cuban heritage
?People of Irish heritage, ?People of Chinese heritage
?People of Filipino heritage
?People of German heritage
?People of Greek heritage
?People of Italian heritage
?People of Japanese heritage
?People of Korean heritage
?People of Russian heritage
?People of Turkish heritage
?People of Vietnamese heritage

•Understand how human behavior is affected by culture, race, religion, gender, lifestyle, and age.
•Identify key components of theories related to culture and caring, and discuss their potential usefulness in practice.
•Display an increased awareness, sensitivity, and acceptance of persons different from one’s self.
•Demonstrate professionalism by acting as a patient advocate to provide culturally sensitive health care with particular emphasis to the needs of vulnerable populations.
•Apply knowledge of culture, ethnicity, and religion in performance of patient assessment.
•Demonstrate cultural sensitivity in performance of all technical nursing skills.
•Display culturally sensitive nursing management.
•Incorporate knowledge of culture when addressing global health issues.
•Develop and advocate for culturally sensitive health care systems.
•Adapt informatics to accommodate culturally diverse client populations.