APA Writing Checklist for GCU

APA Writing Checklist for GCU

Throughout your GCU graduate program, utilize this document as a checklist for each paper you write. Follow the specific assignment instructions and refer to APA resources in the GCU Library and Student Success Center to ensure proper grammar and APA formatting.

☐ Utilize the APA paper template (located in the Student Success Center/Writing Center) to ensure correct paper format and consistent application of APA style.

☐ Verify that the title page is present and correctly formatted according to APA guidelines without any errors.

☐ Confirm the presence of the introduction, appropriately formatted in APA style and free from errors.

☐ Ensure that the topic is well-defined.

☐ Include a strong thesis statement in the paper’s introduction.

☐ Consistently thread the thesis statement throughout the paper, including its inclusion in the conclusion.

☐ Pay attention to paragraph development, ensuring that each paragraph has an introductory statement, a body with two or three sentences, and a transition sentence for smooth information flow. Organize the main body sections to reflect the author’s main points, following correct APA format without errors.

☐ Cite all sources appropriately, adhering to APA style and format without any errors.

☐ Document all sources accurately on a References page, according to APA style, and ensure that the format is error-free and appropriate for the assignment.

Scholarly Resources:

Scholarly resources focus on specific subject disciplines and are typically authored by experts in the same field. These resources are intended for an academic audience.

Examples of Scholarly Resources include:

Academic journals, books written by subject experts, and formally published encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Peer-Reviewed Journals:

Peer-reviewed journals undergo evaluation by subject experts before publication. This process ensures that articles published in the journal meet academic rigor and expectations for that subject discipline.

Empirical Journal Article:

This type of scholarly resource reports original findings from observational or experimental research studies. It commonly includes sections like a literature review, methodology, results, and discussion.

Adapted from “Evaluating Resources:

Defining Scholarly Resources,” located in Research Guides in the GCU Library.

☐ Demonstrate a strong command of standard written academic English in your writing. Utilize resources such as Grammarly, LopesWrite report, and ThinkingStorm to check your writing for improvement.