140+ Good Persuasive Essay topics

140+ Good Persuasive Essay topics

Choosing compelling persuasive essay topics is the initial step towards creating an engaging essay that informs, captivates, and persuades readers. As a student, writing a persuasive essay is a way to demonstrate your comprehension of a particular issue. This blog offers a compilation of persuasive essay ideas that you may find useful while working on your essay.

The Best Persuasive Topic

To craft an effective essay, selecting a topic that resonates with your passion is crucial. The best persuasive topic should possess the following qualities:

– Familiarity: Opt for topics you are well-acquainted with, as this will aid in producing a well-structured essay.
– Interest: Choose a topic that genuinely interests you, as it will motivate your research and writing process.
– Uniqueness: Avoid topics that have been repeatedly covered, as they may not pique readers’ interest.
– Emotional Appeal: Topics with emotional appeal can be persuasive, as they deeply resonate with readers.
– Relatability: Opt for topics that are relevant to the community or address issues affecting people, as they are likely to captivate readers.
– Desired Outcome: Select a topic that aligns with the desired outcome of your essay.

Examples of Persuasive Essays

Here are two examples of persuasive essays:

1. “Eating at Home is Preferable to Dining at Restaurants”

This essay highlights the benefits of eating at home, such as increased family time, healthier food choices, reduced temptations, and cost savings. To present a balanced argument, it is essential to address counterarguments and opposing viewpoints. Conclude the essay by summarizing why eating at home surpasses dining at restaurants.

2. “Child Obesity: The Role of Poor Nutrition”

Promoting healthy eating habits is crucial to combat child obesity. The essay should delve into the reasons why children opt for unhealthy food choices, including the preference for readily available and tasty options. Lack of physical activity, such as spending more time on video games than engaging in outdoor activities, also contributes to obesity. Provide strategies to prevent child obesity and highlight the importance of healthy eating habits to maintain fitness.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

The following list offers good persuasive essay topics that are daring, thought-provoking, and express a clear opinion:

1. Should gym classes be mandatory?
2. Is space exploration worth the investment?
3. Who displays more emotional behavior, men, or women?

Easy Persuasive Essay Ideas

1. Homework should not be assigned in schools.
2. Kids should have the autonomy to decide when to sleep.
3. Children should not be burdened with chores at home.
4. The voting age should be lowered.
5. Is life better without a computer?
6. Every individual should own a smartphone.
7. Technology can enhance academic performance.
8. Are teachers’ salaries inadequate?
9. Are textbooks better than iPads for learning?
10. Is reading taught too late to children?
11. Does homework improve grades?
12. Should college applicants undergo psychological screening?
13. Should teachers be held responsible for students’ poor academic performance?
14. Should the school year be extended?
15. Should interns be compensated?

Challenging Persuasive Essay Ideas

1. Human behavior is not solely determined by sexual desire.
2. The impact of social media on society.
3. Why do most Americans watch reality TV shows?
4. Which is more dangerous, being overweight or underweight?
5. Poor nutrition leads to aggressive and argumentative behavior.
6. Should digital learning be further developed?
7. Are robots too expensive for practical implementation?
8. Does television promote violence among children?
9. Which season is the worst?
10. Should individuals make new friends or maintain existing ones as they age?
11. Is it best to work in silence or while listening to music?
12. Is it better to be poor and have friends or be rich but alone?
13. Do parents still teach outdated manners to their children?
14. What is the ideal career path?

Persuasive Essay Topics About School

1. Should school breaks be longer?
2. Should cell phones be permitted in schools?
3. Should students have the authority to evaluate their teachers?
4. Should the school day start later?
5. Should students have a three-day weekend?
6. Should students be allowed to wear whatever they like to school?
7. Should physical education lessons be mandatory?
8. What is the most suitable punishment for bullying in schools?
9. Should boys and girls be taught separately in schools?
10. Should friends be allowed to sit together in class?
11. Should schools begin later in the day?
12. What is the appropriate punishment for cheating?
13. Which subject is the most fascinating to learn?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Food

1. Effects of junk food on the body.
2. Making the consumption of vegetables mandatory.
3. Should schools provide more nutritious food for students?
4. What is more responsible for obesity, genetics, or poor eating habits?
5. Which is superior, a hot dog or a pizza?
6. Identifying the best dessert.
7. Which is more enjoyable, dining at home or in a restaurant?
8. Comparing the costs of junk food and healthy food.
9. Is consuming meat beneficial?
10. Should junk food be allowed in schools?
11. Teaching kids how to cook their food.
12. Should children be served food they dislike?
13. What is the ideal food to serve at an event?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals

1. Cats are superior to dogs.
2. Pets contribute to the mental well-being of their owners.
3. Identifying the best animal to train.
4. Choosing between small and large dogs.
5. Identifying the best pet.
6. Determining the worst pet.
7. Should pets be allowed in schools?
8. Do zoos protect or exploit animals?
9. Should dogs be trained as service animals?
10. Should pets be adopted or bought from breeders?
11. Is it ethical to tame wild animals?

In conclusion, selecting persuasive essay topics that align with your passion and encompass the qualities of familiarity, interest, uniqueness, emotional appeal, relatability, and a desired outcome is vital for crafting a compelling essay.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Entertainment

  1. Rap music should be classified as poetry rather than traditional music.
  2. Are reality shows better than other TV programs?
  3. Which is more enjoyable: streaming movies or watching them in theaters?
  4. Identifying the best comedy and action movies.
  5. Should movies and music be freely available?
  6. Determining the funniest movie.
  7. Debating whether scary movies are entertaining to watch.
  8. Should the audience be allowed to film live concerts?
  9. Identifying the best music for lifting one’s spirits when feeling down.
  10. Exploring whether graffiti should be considered art.
  11. Should students be mandated to learn musical instruments in schools?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Social Issues

  1. Examining the negative impact of social media on people’s social lives.
  2. Evaluating the overall impact of social media: beneficial or detrimental?
  3. Deciding on appropriate punishments for drunk drivers.
  4. Should the government limit the number of children born in overpopulated countries?
  5. Assessing whether teenagers are generally rude.
  6. Addressing society’s treatment of mentally ill individuals.
  7. The debate on whether to give money to homeless people.
  8. Discussing whether affluent individuals should pay higher taxes.
  9. Highlighting the leadership capabilities of introverts.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Education

  1. Comparing the importance of physical education (PE) and music classes in schools.
  2. Exploring the reasons behind lower math scores among American students compared to those from other countries.
  3. Identifying effective methods to combat cheating in educational institutions.
  4. Should colleges consider students’ race when making admissions decisions?
  5. Debating whether sex education should be taught in schools.
  6. Should students learn sign language instead of a foreign language?
  7. Assessing the efficacy of the ACT and SAT exams in measuring intelligence.
  8. Should schools eliminate student rankings?
  9. The question of whether all students should attend college.
  10. Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of learning cursive in school.
  11. Should participation in the arts be compulsory for students?
  12. Examining the impact of online education on student motivation and engagement.
  13. Debating whether college education should be tuition-free.
  14. Comparing the effectiveness of online learning and traditional classroom-based education.
  15. Should families have the freedom to choose schools for their children?
  16. Advocating for etiquette to be taught in schools.
  17. Do students learn more from teachers who incorporate fun into their teaching?
  18. Assessing the educational value of TV shows.

Persuasive Essay Topics About History and Government

  1. Discussing whether the US should increase or decrease the number of refugees allowed each year.
  2. Should the minimum voting age be revised?
  3. Debating whether electoral colleges should be abolished.
  4. Exploring whether voting should be made compulsory.
  5. Advocating for a complete ban on cigarettes and tobacco by the government.
  6. Identifying the least and most effective US presidents.
  7. Addressing the balance between national security and individual privacy.
  8. Should the United States reduce its budget?
  9. Exploring how the government can assist homeless individuals.
  10. Debating the legalization of same-sex marriage.
  11. Is democracy the most effective form of government?
  12. Identifying the most unfair law in the nation.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Science and Technology

  1. Assessing the impact of zoos on animals.
  2. Should ownership of aggressive dog breeds be prohibited?
  3. Discussing whether keeping exotic animals as pets should be allowed.
  4. Exploring strategies to reduce illegal poaching.
  5. Advocating for mandatory recycling.
  6. Debating the potential risks and rewards of digital voting.
  7. Evaluating the effectiveness of online schools compared to traditional schools.
  8. Should facial recognition technology be banned?
  9. Assessing the overall impact of ride-sharing companies on society.
  10. Does excessive use of social media lead to anxiety or depression?
  11. Does technology contribute to children’s laziness?
  12. Addressing the negative effects of smartphone addiction.
  13. Discussing ways to improve experiment results.
  14. Evaluating the reality of climate change.
  15. Addressing the morality of animal testing.
  16. Debating whether excessive screen time is unhealthy for kids.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Health and Nutrition

1. Should access to birth control medicine be granted without a doctor’s prescription?
2. Should pregnant mothers be prohibited from purchasing alcohol and cigarettes?
3. Exploring the reasons behind the increase in adolescent anxiety.
4. Strategies to reduce the spread of Ebola.
5. Addressing the safety of genetically modified food for consumption.
6. Debating whether the FDA should implement stricter regulations on supplements and vitamins.
7. Analyzing the potential health benefits of consuming chocolate.
8. Advocating for free healthcare.
9. Discussing perspectives on paternity leave.
10. Examining the dangers of listening to music at high volume.
11. Evaluating the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana.
12. Debating the potential risks associated with professional sports.
13. Addressing the importance of childhood vaccinations.
14. Exploring whether schools only sell healthy foods.
15. Debating whether schools should have the authority to conduct drug tests on students as needed.
16. Analyzing the effectiveness of dieting for weight loss.
17. Discussing differing views on the legality of assisted suicide.
18. Advocating for a government-imposed tax on junk food to promote public health.

Final Word

The first step in writing a persuasive essay is selecting a compelling topic that aligns with your interests. Choosing from the topics provided in this blog can help you craft an excellent persuasive essay that informs, engages, and persuades your audience effectively.