140+ Cause and Effect Essay Topics

140+ Cause and Effect Essay Topics

When it comes to writing an essay, selecting the right cause-and-effect essay topics is a crucial and challenging step. The topic you choose should be interesting and motivating, driving you throughout the writing process. If you’re unsure about what to write, don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of 150 good cause-and-effect essay topics in this article for you to consider.

How to Select the Best Cause-and-Effect Essay Topic?

Before choosing a topic, it’s essential to understand what a cause-and-effect essay entails. These essays use factual information to explain why certain events happen and their consequences. When selecting a topic, ensure it is real and has societal implications.

Here are factors to review while choosing a topic:

1. Pick a topic that interests both you and your readers. For instance, you could write about how your past experiences have shaped your present.

2. Choose a subject you understand well to facilitate the writing process.

3. Opt for a unique topic that allows you to express your views clearly.

4. Select a topic that fits the length of your essay; avoid ones that are too narrow or overly broad.

5. Ensure the topic allows you to explain both the cause and effect of a specific event.

6. Choose a topic that is relevant to your study and personal interests.

7. Look for topics with credible sources available for research.

8. Make sure the topic aligns with your instructor’s guidelines.

List of the Best Cause-and-Effect Essay Topics

Having a good topic for your cause-and-effect essay will greatly enhance your writing process and create a positive impact on your readers. Below, we’ve compiled 150 cause-and-effect essay topics across various subjects for you to consider for your essay.

Topics on Environmental Science:

– Effects of Poor Air Quality on Health
– Causes and Effects of Burning Rubbish
– Effects of Using Nuclear Energy
– Global Warming: Causes and Effects
– How Animal Hunting Affects the Ecosystem
– Effects of Noise Pollution on the Environment
– Effects of Weather Changes on the Environment
– Volcanic Eruptions: Causes and Effects on the Environment
– The Effects of the Moon on Tides
– Causes and Effects of Natural Disasters
– Causes and Effects of Deforestation
– Impact of Plastic Water Bottles on the Environment
– Effects of Overpopulation on the Environment
– Causes of Water Pollution
– Effects of Acidic Rain on the Environment
– Causes and Effects of Sea Temperature Rise on Fish
– Causes of Environmental Degradation
– Causes of Soil Erosion

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Self-Development:

– Effects of Culture on Self-Development
– Effects of Personal Values on Actions
– Causes and Effects of Waking Up Late in the Morning
– Impact of Communication on Relationships
– Effects of Social Media on Mental Health
– How Games Affect Human Intelligence
– Effects of Reading Books on Communication Skills
– Causes and Effects of Road Traffic
– Effects of Stress on Marriages
– Does Education Help in Making Better Decisions?
– Effects of Hormonal Changes
– Influence of Leading Books and Novels on Creativity
– Effects of Helping Others
– Effects of Working from Home
– Does Online Shopping Lead to Impulse Buying?
– Effects of Smartphones on Sleep
– How Studies Affect Health
– Impact of Siblings on an Individual’s Life

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Psychology:

– Causes of Variation in Development among Children
– Effects of Temperature on Kids’ Development
– Causes and Effects of Learning Disabilities
– Influence of Culture on a Child’s Personality
– Effects of Child Abuse on Psychological Functions
– Causes of High IQ
– Effects of Traveling the World on Personality
– Effects of Playing Violent Video Games
– Impact of Poor Performance on Schools
– Causes and Effects of Relationship Breakups
– Causes and Effects of Alcohol Addiction on the Family
– Causes and Effects of Domestic Violence on Child Development
– Effects of the Silent Treatment on Relationships
– How Expensive Housing Affects Young Families
– Influence of Single Decision-Making on Marriage
– Effects of Mental Stress on Sleep Patterns
– How Social Anxiety Affects the Youth

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Social Sciences:

– Causes and Effects of Obesity
– Effects of Advocacy for Equality
– Causes and Effects of Sibling Rivalry
– Causes and Effects of School Dropouts Among Teenagers
– Side Effects of Vaccination
– Causes and Effects of Ignorance in Discrimination
– Effects of Parental Quarrels on Children
– Impact of Growing Up in Poverty on an Individual
– Causes of Homelessness
– Effects of Online Dating
– How Technology Affects Social Life
– Effects of Violence on the Community
– Impact of Racial Discrimination on an Individual
– Effects of Scarce Infrastructure on Society
– Causes of Crimes Among Young People

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Healthcare:

– Health Effects of Regular Body Check-ups
– Effects of Lack of Parental Guidance on Children’s Health
– Effects of Dental Health Problems
– Causes of Death Among Cancer Patients Worldwide
– Effects of a Low Government Budget on Healthcare
– Causes of Poor Hygiene on Health
– Causes and Effects of Insomnia on Brain Function
– Causes and Effects of Mental Health Issues on Health
– Causes of High Mortality Rates in Developed Countries
– Causes and Effects of Obesity
– Healthcare Issues in Low-Income Families
– Effects of Body Shaming
– Effects of Loud Music
– Effects of Divorce on Mental Health
– Causes and Effects of Heart Attacks
– Causes of Low Body Immunity
– Causes of Poor Digestion

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Nursing:

– Motivations for Pursuing a Nursing Career
– Causes of Nurses’ International Migration
– Causes of Discrimination Among Female and Male Nurses
– Effects of Qualified Nurses’ Shortage in Rural Hospitals
– Reasons for Adherence to Nursing Ethics
– Effects of Alternative Therapies on Nursing Practice
– Effects of Nursing in Treating Phobia Patients
– Reasons for Preferring Non-Western Nursing Practices
– Effects of Qualified Nurses in Treating Incurable Diseases
– Causes and Effects of Nurse Burnout
– Impact of Technology on Nursing
– Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Nursing Profession
– Effects of More Working Hours on Nurses
– Effects of Nursing Intervention for Patients with Chronic Illness
– How COVID-19 Affected Nursing Homes
– Effects of Nursing Leadership on Patient Outcomes

Other Topics for Cause and Effect Essays:

– Effects of Technology on Education
– Causes and Effects of the Internet
– Impact of Technology on Businesses
– How Cycling Affects Physical Health
– Causes of Inflation
– Effects of Exercise on Well-being
– Effects of Reading Books and Novels on Critical Thinking
– How Lack of Sleep Affects Students
– Causes and Effects of the Arab Spring
– Impact of Globalization on the Status of Women
– Effects of Native Language on Learning a Foreign Language
– Causes of Long-Distance Relationships
– Effects of Abortion on Marriage
– Effects of Technology on Breakups
– Influence of Parenting on Society
– Causes and Effects of Scientific Intervention
– Psychological Effects of Early Weaning on Children
– Causes and Effects of Being an Athlete

What Are Good Topics for Cause-and-Effect Essays?

– Causes and Effects of Social Media
– Effects of COVID-19 on Families
– Effects of Bad Company
– Causes and Effects of Divorce
– Causes of Homosexuality
– Effects of Women’s Discrimination
– Impact of Retirement on Individuals
– Effects of Technology on Communication
– Effects of Single Parenting on Children’s Personalities
– Causes and Effects of Happiness in Life
– Causes and Effects of Music on the Body
– Effects of Domestic Violence on Children’s Mental Health
– Causes and Effects of Fast Food Consumption
– Effects of Anxiety on Mental Health
– Effects of Long School Days on Children
– Influence of Pets on Stress Reduction
– Reasons for Student Cheating on Exams
– Reasons for College Students Seeking Part-Time Jobs
– Effects of Predicted Rise in Sea Level

What Are Controversial Topics in Nursing for the Essay?

– How Strong Lightning Affects Mental Stress
– Causes of Mental Disorders
– Effects of Anxiety Among Young People
– Effects of Nurse Staffing on the Quality of Care
– Effects of Junk Food on Children
– Causes and Effects of Waterborne Diseases
– Impact of Smoking on Pregnant Mothers
– Causes and Effects of Workplace Violence in Nursing
– Effects of Stress on Nurses
– Reasons for Choosing a Nursing Career
– Influence of Qualified Nurses on Women’s Healing Process After Giving Birth

Final Word

Selecting good cause-and-effect essay topics is the first step towards writing a compelling essay. Make sure your chosen topic is relevant and interesting to you and your readers. Utilize the topics provided in this blog to craft an excellent cause-and-effect essay that will earn you good grades.