A Year in the Life of a Student

Students life and especially the first year is one of the most memorable and interesting year for all students. My life in the first year was just same as for many students simply because of the confusion and things like wanting to know more. This essay will explore three levels of my first year in school. The essay will be divided into first term, second term and finally the third term.

First term in college

The first term is the beginning of academic life and just like any other student, my life was very hard due to so many things that I was to adapt to. The first thing that I was provided in my first term was the orientation. I was give guides on how the college operates, what I was to do, what I expected to find and what I was supposed to in different time. Although students are expected to read and learn new things, first term is the hardest time for students simply because there is nothing you know and what you actually want to do is to cope with the situation. Although we were shown classes, it was very hard for some of us simply because we could not trace where the classes were.

Another thing that made our life so hard was the fact that we at times never went for classes for we never new when the classes started and ended.Confusion is the talk of the day in first term but after that one becomes acquainted with the place. The college was nice and had so many good things that made me like the place. Finding people from different parts of the world, different background and people with different ambitions was another thing that made my first year to be promising. In first term, you just do things by your own simply because you know no one and you fear each other. At this point life became so hard unless you have someone to show you how things are done.

Second term

This is period turns to be promising after a period of being confused. During the second term, I was somehow used to the place and some of the activities and duties which I was supposed to attend were never missed. At second term this is the highest time I realized I was at school and there were things that I was supposed to attend to. It was during second term when I met my friend who we started sharing our life at college and things actually turned to be easy.

Since in first term is when you get introduced to real things, second term is when someone comes to full realization of what one is required to do hence try to be serious. This period becomes also hard simply because making goals and setting targets is actually a hard thing although many people don’t see the situation to be serious. Some students get lost in second term simply because instead of coming up with their goals, they try to imitate others.I was during second term when I started reading and exploring on new things that made me joins the college.

I had some bad friends who sometimes mislead me with the moves that we were making. It was during this time I decided who was my friend and those who were just there to waste me. This is the time when one makes decision on what to do and how life is supposed to be. When you miss to make your academic future when you are in second term, it becomes very hard to catch up with things which keep on compiling in the course of learning.

Third term

Students who find their second term period to be somehow difficult come and find that third term being simple for them. Preparation of exams is highly realized at this stage for tutors usually give tests and exams in order to evaluate what students have been doing in respect to what they were expected to do. My third term was very busy since I was preparing for exams.

Some of students who were not serious in their second term become so stubborn simply because they tend to disturb others for help. With the help of my friends, we found our life in third term to be a bit simple for we had study groups which helped us in many ways. Study groups enabled our reading time to be fixed whereby we found ourselves performing best than others.