Writing a Sharp Essay

Mastering the Art of Writing a SHARP Essay

Despite ongoing efforts to reduce sexual harassment in the Military, the issue continues to persist, necessitating further research and solutions to address the problem. If you’ve been assigned a SHARP essay but are unsure where to begin, fret not, as this article provides comprehensive guidance on writing a compelling SHARP essay.

Understanding a SHARP Army Essay:

A SHARP army essay aims to examine the reasons behind the continued existence of sexual harassment and assault response and prevention cases within the Army. The SHARP program’s purpose is to put an end to and prevent sexual assault and harassment, ensuring the protection of military personnel and their families. The U.S. government strives to achieve this by:

– Reducing stigma surrounding reporting
– Increasing resources and training
– Enhancing investigation, prosecution, victim, and prevention care capabilities
– Sustaining and refining response capability
– Protecting the victims

Challenges in the SHARP Program’s Effectiveness:

While the SHARP program is implemented in the U.S. Army to address sexual harassment and assault, recent studies suggest that the frequency of such incidents has not significantly decreased over time. Existing literature also highlights the influence of cultural norms within the military that perpetuate gender and masculinity inequities. Although the program raises awareness, it fails to address these underlying cultural standards, limiting its impact on reducing the incidence rate.

Factors Contributing to SHARP Problems in the Army:

Several factors contribute to the persistence of sexual harassment and assault cases within the Army:

1. The chain of command: The handling of harassment cases by the chain of command may influence the fear of retaliation and reporting by victims.
2. Alcohol: Alcohol consumption can impair judgment and lead to inappropriate behavior, contributing to incidents of assault and harassment.
3. Fear of reporting: Some victims, especially new soldiers, may be hesitant to report harassment incidents, fearing adverse consequences or a lack of support.
4. Pride: Pride may prevent victims from reporting incidents, hindering the proper punishment of offenders and allowing the cycle to continue.
5. Self-blame: Victims may blame themselves, leading to under-reporting and lack of accountability for perpetrators.

Key Components of the SHARP Program:

To foster unit cohesion and address sexual harassment effectively, the SHARP program focuses on various key components, including:

– Reducing the stigma of reporting
– Protecting the victim
– Strengthening prevention, prosecution, investigation, and victim care capabilities
– Increasing resources and training
– Sustaining and refining response capability
– Hazard detection and anticipation
– Hazard prevention and control
– Evaluation and planning
– Administration and supervision
– Healthy training and safety
– Management leadership
– Employee participation

Creating a BLC SHARP Essay Title Page:

A BLC SHARP essay should include a separate title page with the following details centered in the middle, following APA formatting:

– Title of the essay
– Student’s class
– Instructor’s name

Examples of SHARP Army Essay Topics:
For those in search of SHARP essay topics, consider the following thought-provoking issues:

1. Evaluating the Effectiveness of SHARP Training in the Army
2. The Impact of SHARP on Combatting Sexual Misconduct in the Military
3. Analyzing the Influence of SHARP Training on Soldiers’ Attitudes
4. Addressing Sexual Harassment and Training in the Army
5. Unraveling the Benefits of SHARP Training in Creating a Safe Military Environment

The SHARP program remains crucial in educating soldiers about sexual misconduct and its consequences. As sexual harassment and assault persist within the Military, the need for SHARP essays has grown in colleges and universities. If you require assistance in writing your SHARP essay or any other academic paper, feel free to contact us at customnursingpapers.com. Our team of expert writers is dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals.