Why we do research. Researching tele-healthcare in nursing homes

Research is something we all do in both our personal and our professional lives. We research products we might buy, films or books we might watch or read, restaurants and hotels we might patronize, medical issues and doctors, and much more. At work, we research companies we might want to work for or with, products we might want to use, computer issues we face, and so on.

  • Think back over the past few months and give at least one example of research you have conducted for yourself and for work. If you cannot think of one from each category, you may give two from the same category.
  • Tell us whether you were able to find the information that you needed and explain if the information proved to be accurate.
  • Discuss what types of source materials you are using for your research paper (telehealthcare in nursing homes), and list one of the sources that you plan to use.
  • Tell your classmates how that source relates to your chosen topic (telehealthcare in nursing homes) and what information you plan to use from that source.