Valbenazine for the treatment of tardive dyskinesia

Valbenazine for the treatment of tardive dyskinesia

Select an Evidence Based Practice Journal Article: (a peer- reviewed article) that correlates to a medication or drug class of interest (professor does not need to approve your article)

Submit an article critique (2-3 pages) which should include:

- The critique must include

a brief summary of the significance of the article

the purpose of the article

the method of the study

strengths and weaknesses of the article

the summary of results and conclusions

Compare how the article correlates with the current literature

Identify any new treatment plan described in your article.

Discuss how the information in each article might have an impact on clinical practice

-Each student is required to post a copy of their article, critique and respond (one more than one page) to two classmate’s postings in a scholarly manner in the discussion board

- Critiques must be submitted in APA Version 7 format and deductions will made for incorrect APA format, spelling, and grammatical errors.