The US Embassy, Jordan

On January 2010, my husband had an interview at the US Embassy as per the requirements of the visa application process. We were made to understand that shortly after the interview; we would be contacted with details on how to proceed from there. I am sorry to say that since then, we have been waiting.Over time, I have sent numerous emails to the US embassy but sadly, no reply or any kind of response has been forthcoming.

Further, my husband has also over time increasingly become concerned and recently (out of frustration), he decided to call the Embassy only to be told to make such an enquiry through an email. Back to square one? To be honest, we would have easily given up but that would not be the right thing to do because we are at the very least owed a reply by the Embassy.

But for how long are we going to wait for a reply from the US Embassy?To be honest, the current state of affairs is largely stressing me. It is like am in a state of suspense (eternal suspense) not knowing what really to expect. By any standards, one year is a really long time to wait for a simple reply.

But at least, we are not giving up and we are ready to follow all the appropriate channels to ensure that the US Embassy gives us a reply as to the fate of my husband’s visa application. I don’t want to even imagine that someone somewhere is deliberately inflicting this unbearable pain upon my family by not doing their job. Personally, I am a responsible American citizen and it is unfortunate that my family has received such a hostile treatment from an Embassy I am supposed to seek services from.

My only plea is; please give us a reply in regard to my husband’s visa application.

Thank you for your time ad consideration.