Understanding Terms


Paradigm is a scientific term that describes diverse and distinct concepts in science. Therefore, it shows practices, experience as well as giving information and thoughts that have influences on various circumstances. Thus, paradigm practices influence the thinking that people exhibit in science and their action towards varied situations. Research is something that is very important in science. When one carries out a scientific research, they obtain results and thus have to come up with solutions. Paradigm thus helps in making these decisions with regard to the results of scientific research. This means the way in which the results obtained from scientific research are interpreted.


This is the study of nature. This implies that it studies the existence of things and human beings. It also studies the relations that human beings have and the categories that may be existence. Nature presents itself in many different ways. There are those things that are existent and those that people can say that they exist. It is ontology which categorizes these different entities of the existent and the though to exist things. This also shows the differences that exist between them as well as the similarities. For instance, people hold different perspectives and opinions towards things. This study thus gives the record of the relationships that exist between the different opinions that may be given or the different believes held.


Epistemology is the study of knowledge. This shows how it originated, its nature, ways in which it can be applied and the limitations that exist in the knowledge that human beings hold. Epistemology tries to distinguish true and false knowledge. It gives a definition of knowledge, its ways of acquiring and the thoughts that people have. In science, epistemology is applied in the development of theories or the interpretation of the existing theories. This is interpretation in the modern way and thus enables a better analysis of the works of science. This also is a pillar in cognition science and thus enables people to be intelligent in their use of knowledge.


This is the way in which various things are carried out. It can refer to the procedures employed, the set of rules, the various methods or the theories that are used in a certain discipline. Methodology is applied in various disciplines. For instance, it is used when carrying out a research. The researcher has to write a methodology. This may consists of the method used in the research and data collection, the procedures that it follows and the ways in which the obtained results will be analyzed. Therefore, methodology is very important in any work of science or art. It gives a guideline in the performance of the real action.