The Personal Narrative

My breathing was rapid my knees were trembling, and my heart was racing. What was the reason of my nervousness? I have received copiousness of awards, why should this one be any dissimilar? I gazed over to my father and gave him a nervous and timid smile. He tried to soothe me by returning my smirk. I returned my focus to my physics teacher at the dais.  How I got there was the question ringing on my mind only to recall that we were instructed work on our projects and write a report, which was to be presented at the end of the semester and was supposed to be original and unique. After my physics lecturer finished his lectures, we had to invest in creative research from all authentic sources both hard copy materials and on the internet among other approved sources. In my endeavors to get a stunning topic to begin an intensive research on it, I came across a peculiar topic on advanced intelligence technology application.  I got attracted by this topic since I enjoyed exploring new stunning computerized technologies that have been embraced by most of the vast industrious entities. However, my idea was focused on the school based technology advancement. I general idea was to solve the challenges students face through having to carry their heavy bags to and fro from home to school.

This idea was birthed by a strong statement made by our president during his campaigns. The idea was providing laptops for every first grade pupil as they begin their classes when their classes begun. This incredible manifesto drove me to the idea of creating desks with computerized touch screens books stores in soft ware form. This computerized desks tops were to have a memory of about 8 GB (Gigabytes) that could hold all the required text books and installation sources accessed by pupils whenever they need them. Every student was to obtain his or her set since the project aimed to provide each and every child with a set of the instrument. In addition, this computerized bookstore screens were to be connected to the internet; hence the children can access internet sources any time they needed to access it.  The desktop computer was also supposed to provide shared network sources where the children can access previous lessons taught in class.  I knew this project would be efficient and effective because most of the pupils have home computers; they can get flash or data transferring yardsticks that they can use to carry significant sources to study at home. Nevertheless, the ordeal of my project showed up when I begun to rummage around for educational literature to support this project. I was almost giving up because most of the data resources I got did not provide the materials I needed to support my point of view. One day, two days up to half a month I did my intensive research both on printed texts and online materials via the internet.

Prior to my acknowledge it, the daylight had approached, and I had to stage my project. I was one of the last one’s up; therefore, I had the opportunity to look at the other students presentations. Their presentation were all the same things since they all presented topics that focused on mechanical practices like creating an uncluttered electric generator and using coiled wires to create a home bell. I was not confident about my project since I though mine would also be as common as the others were. Nonetheless, the time to present my project had come and there was no time to make changes if there was any mistake. “Jeremy, your turn!” What! I can do this I looked around the room, realizing every last person’s stare.  Abruptly, I saw my friend, with a gigantic grin on his face. He had known about my presentation since it begun, and he was gazing forward to view how I could present it. At that stance, I knew I could make it. I slipped on the dark robe and left Jeremy behind. I dashed at the frond and begun my staging with a joggle, making clear the eagerness in my voice.  I gave my best in explaining the project from the beginning to the middle before I knew it the class was participating through laughing and congratulating me “cool Jeremy keep on”, which meant that they were participating on my project to the fullest. When I completed the presenting the project, the whole class cheered at me, and I was able to seat down with my heart bursting with pride. Later after class people were congratulating me calling me a genius and a computer specialist.  My project was got the first position scooping 98% in total over the others, which got less than 80%. This project garnered the title “the top notch project of the day”, which made me sway high than the rest. Furthermore, I received almost all the awards in all categories first second and third.