Teaching Violence in the Workplace

Teaching Violence in the Workplace
Make a PowerPoint presentation for teaching that covers each of the points or questions below. Make sure to answer each bullet point’s questions in full. Use clear headings so your professor can see which bullet point you’re talking about on each slide of your presentation. Use at least three (3) sources and APA citations to back up what you say in your presentation. For the presentation, make sure to use the APA style to list the sources. At the end, add a slide with your sources. Follow the best practices for PowerPoint presentations when it comes to text size, color, images, effects, how long the presentation is, and how it uses multimedia.
Teaching Violence in the WorkplaceThis week, you need to make a PowerPoint as if you were teaching your coworkers this information.

Prepare for an active shooter if you have a gun at work (what is the protocol and preparations your workplace has taken – if none have been developed describe what should be taken). What does a nurse who is taking care of patients during an active shooter situation have to do?
Bullying in Nursing: There is more and more concern about bullying in the nursing field. Do some research on this subject and tell why bullying is a problem in nursing. Give advice to a new nurse whose coworkers are being mean to her. What should you do if you see another nurse being picked on?

Title Slide (1 slide)
Objective Slide (1 slide)
Getting ready for a shooter on the loose (2-3 slides)
In a situation with an active shooter, who is responsible for the patients? (1-2 slides).
Why bullying in nursing is a problem (2-3 slides)
Tips for a new nurse who is being picked on (2-3 slides)
Your responsibility (1-2 slides)
References (1 slide) (1 slide)

Expectations for the assignment:

Length: 11-16 slides

Structure: Include a title slide, objective slide, content slides, reference slide in APA format.

References: Cite and reference all the sources you used to answer the questions in the correct APA format. For this assignment, you need at least three scholarly sources.

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