Strategic Leadership and Delivery Models for the Future

Strategic Leadership and Delivery Models for the Future
For this assessment, you will need to look at the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey data and come up with a plan to improve the scores of the organization. The HCAHPS results posted on Hospital Compare, which is part of the government’s Medicare website, let people make fair and objective comparisons between hospitals and state and national averages on important measures related to the patient’s unique view of the care they received.

Strategic Leadership and Delivery Models for the Future

You will need to include an analysis of the most recent survey scores (including comparison scores and benchmarking), the financial and quality effects of scores, organizational structure and design, the use of technology, and important cultural, social, and environmental factors in this project. You can choose to present your idea through a media presentation or a business plan document that includes a thorough analysis, a plan that involves stakeholders, and a timeline for implementation, evaluation, and measuring the results.
You just got a new job as the chief nursing officer of a hospital, and your job is to raise the most recent HCAHPS score for the whole organization. The hospital board wants a detailed report, analysis, and plan for how to fix these problems. You are told to finish the full data and impact analysis, make a detailed strategic plan to improve the scores in all areas of the hospital, including quality improvement, shared accountability, technology, the care delivery model, and financial stability, suggest a fast implementation timeline, and explain the evaluation process in an effective presentation that you will give at the next board meeting.

The work you send in must be your own. Even if the source is cited correctly, no more than 30% of the submission as a whole and no more than 10% of any one source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased. When you turn in your work, you get a report on its originality that you can use as a guide.
To pass this task, you need to be good at professional communication. Before turning in your final work, you should definitely check it for spelling and grammar.
You must use the rubric to guide how you make your submission, since it has detailed criteria that will be used to judge it. Each of the requirements below can be judged in more than one way. The titles of the rubric’s parts may have links to relevant parts of the course.
Make a multimedia presentation or business plan document in which you do the following:
Note: If a multimedia presentation is chosen, presenter notes must be added to each slide to cover the necessary level of explanation, analysis, and discussion.

A. Give the HCAHPS scores for any hospital you want.

Note: You can find HCAHPS scores for different hospitals at the link.

B. Look at the hospital’s HCAHPS scores by doing the following:
1. Compare the scores to the averages for the state and the country.
2. See how the scores compare to those of two other hospitals in the area.
3. Look at how many people answered the survey at two other hospitals in the area.
4. Describe the types of people who go to the hospital and the services it offers.
5. Talk about how the following community and environmental factors could affect HCAHPS scores:
a.  cultural dynamics b.  educational dynamics c.  socioeconomic dynamics
6. Explain how it might affect the organization’s finances in the short and long term.
a. Talk about how this could affect the quality of the results.
C. Talk about what might have caused the hospital’s HCAHPS scores.

D. Make a strategic plan for the whole organization to improve the chosen hospital’s HCAHPS scores by doing the following:
1. Explain how changes to the hospital’s organization can help raise its HCAHPS score.
2. Talk about the strategic plan’s structure (i.e., its framework), process (i.e., its steps), and results.
3. Talk about how you’d use evidence-based practice and shared governance to improve the quality of an organization.
4. Explain how you would incorporate the idea that patients, medical providers, payers (like insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid), and staff all have a part to play in taking responsibility.
5. Describe how you would use technology trends to improve healthcare.
6. Describe how you would improve the way care is given, focusing on quality, cost, access, and care that is centered on the patient.
7. Describe how you would make your finances more stable.
E. Make a plan and timetable for putting the strategic plan you made in Part D into action by doing the following:
1. Talk about the key roles and responsibilities of the people involved.
2. Talk about how you would hold stakeholders accountable and get them involved.
3. Talk about any training the staff would need to carry out the plan.
4. Make a plan for how your plan will be put into action, including points where you can check in and see how things are going.

F. Talk about how you would measure the success of the strategic plan, taking into account the following:
• the way measurements would be made; • a review of the timetable.
• a way to look at things
1. Talk about how you would get important people involved in the evaluation process.
2. Explain how the results of the evaluation will be shared both inside and outside the organization.

G. When you use sources, make sure to use APA format for all in-text citations and references.
Note: When using sources to back up ideas and parts of an assessment, the submission MUST include in-text citations in APA format and a reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrases. It is not necessary to list the sources that were looked at if they were not quoted or paraphrased in the assessment itself.

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