Smoke Signals Film

The film depicts the historical injustices contemporary issues associated with the Native American culture. The film also shows how the Native American culture was conservative in nature. Indians are depicted as alcoholics who abandon their families and show less concern. This depicts the high degree of prejudice and stereotyping among the Native American Culture. It also shows how the culture was reserved. The evidence of this fact is the expedition or journey of Victor and Thomas to Phoenix that has been portrayed as among their greatest expeditions on their own.

“If we forget our fathers, what is left?” This statement by Victor Joseph relates to the film in that Thomas tries as much as he can to connect with the people around him despite the fact that he lost both his parents at a very young age. It is also evident that it is hard to forget and abandon one’s father completely. This is seen when Victor embarks on an adventure to Phoenix to collect his father’s ashes. Though his father, Arnold was an alcoholic person, who abandoned his family, Victor still shows love and compassion to him. It is also important to note that though Arnold was alcoholic, he had some good in him since he is the one who saved Thomas’s life in the fire that killed his parents.The central subject of the film is the memory of Victor’s father, Arnold Joseph. Hence, it is extremely hard to forget one’s father as Victor says.