sexually transmitted diseases and prevention

Topic: sexually transmitted diseases and prevention
Include student name and project title at the beginning of your assignment. Please include the following in Assignment 2:
A. Synthesis of the Relevant Literature:

sexually transmitted diseases and prevention

Purpose: Develop a scholarly evidence base to support your project by synthesizing relevant literature. A literature synthesis combines key information from different sources to form an integrated summary.


Using the search topics (keywords) you developed for Assignment 1 (or those you have chosen as you have learned more about your project), perform a literature search
Select at least 4 peer-reviewed journal articles relevant to your project
You may include other supportive information from sources such as professional websites, trade publications, or other mainstream publications
Fill out the matrix/grid to organize the main ideas found in each of your sources (a blank matrix template and example are provided in the Weekly Materials, Week 3 folder)
As you read your sources, take note of key ideas, including any conflicts or contradictions

sexually transmitted diseases and prevention
Tip: key ideas are evidence, concepts, and observations you see repeated in the literature
Remember: you will need to include your matrix along with your synthesis
Once you have completed your matrix you can begin writing your literature synthesis by organizing your ideas into three sections: introduction, body, conclusion
Introduction: Presents your topic
Provide some background on your topic
Include a one-sentence statement that sums up the focus of your synthesis
Body: Integrates the main ideas related to your topic
Organize the evidence from your matrix into an informative explanation of the literature supporting your project; usually 2-3 paragraphs

sexually transmitted diseases and prevention

Conclusion: Makes a final summary of your main ideas
Provide a clear connection back to your topic as stated in the introduction
Length: Approximately 700 words (not including matrix and references)
Use APA format
Literature Synthesis DOs and DON’Ts:

Do write your Literature Synthesis in the third person (write as if you are the narrator; e.g. he, she, it, they).
Do keep quoted material to a minimum; paraphrase key ideas from your sources into your own words and use in-text citations.
Don’t just summarize each of your sources. This is a common error students fall into when writing a synthesis. Remember: a synthesis combines key ideas from several sources into your own explanation of what the literature says about your topic.
Don’t forget to relate each part of your Literature Synthesis back to your stated topic

B. Purpose Statement and Measurable Project Outcomes:

Now that you have developed a better understanding of your project by reviewing relevant current literature and best practices, determine your purpose statement, including project outcomes:

You listed a preliminary purpose statement in Assignment 1. Now that you have more knowledge of the project topic, it is time to finalize your project purpose. The two project outcomes you develop will be used in the purpose statement. Please use the following in writing your purpose statement:

sexually transmitted diseases and prevention Purpose Statement:
Finalize your purpose statement: (“The purpose of the project is to… )
Being Strategic: Envisioning the outcome of your project
State at least 2 measurable project short term outcomes that would occur if the project is completed successfully. Think of these as the anticipated benefits or services that will be available to the identified population as a result of your successfully completed project. The outcomes will need to be measurable and be able to occur during the project time.
For instance, eighty percent of the kindergarten students will be able to demonstrate how to cover their cough.
please see attached link, is a template that need to be completed and added in assignment

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