Self-Analysis of Leadership Abilities

Self-Analysis of Leadership Abilities

Select two leadership ability/style self-assessment tools. These are readily available on the Internet. Below are links to some tools that you may use. You are not limited to these particular tools. If you find other tools designed to assess your leadership abilities from other sources you can use these for this exercise. Caution – look for assessment tools offered free of charge from reputable sources. If you are not sure about an assessment tool you locate check with your tutor before proceeding.

Leadership Style Survey

Bolman and Deal\’s Four Framework Approach to Leadership: Leadership Matrix

Complete two self-assessments and score yourself.

Write a two page summary of your findings, excluding title and reference pages, and compare what you discovered in the two assessment tools. Identify areas of leadership strength and make suggestions for improvement. The title and reference pages for the assignment are not included in the page count. Use APA format (current edition) for the references. Make sure you reference the websites where the assessment tools used are located.

Content Maximum value 10% Self-assessment tools selected were appropriate. Tools were fully completed and submitted with assignment. Summary includes both discussion of strengths and areas of improvement. Summary includes comparison and contrasting of findings from the two assessments. Summary includes evidence of thought and reflection on findings. Format Maximum value 5% Paper is informative and succinct (within the page limit). APA format (current edition) is used for title page and references. Assignment is free of errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure. Appropriate headings and subheadings are used.

“For reference my course book is Kelly, P., & Quesnelle, H. (2016). Nursing leadership and management (3rd Canadian ed.). Toronto, ON: Nelson Education Ltd.”