The Rising Of Threat Of Cyberterrorism By Tech In-Depth

Cyberterrorism are activities which are designed to tamper with data infrastructure center and network with the intention of interrupting with an organization’s ability to function normally and to steal data. The short essay on the Rising Threat of cyberterrorism shows the devastating nature posed by cyberterrorism through   data loss and down time. The author of the essay has piled up various views of important people concerned with Information technology. He has collected the views of Craig Robinson who is the CEO of Global landscape, Phil Lieberman who is the United States advisor to the senate’s committee specializing in homeland security and government affairs.

He is also the   Lieberman software CEO. The essay presents a brief history of where cyberterrorism were mainly from. Lieberman indicates that this vice was initially from high speed networks which were mainly from the research labs and universities owning such   high speed connections.The issue of what organization and companies think about cyberterrorism is also addressed in which instead of them seeing data loss due to the work of attackers. They should instead ask themselves of their vulnerability.

The sources of attackers today have however become wide spread and in a large scale due to the ability of consumer having access to dial -up broad band. This has subsequently made stopping cyberterrorism to be a difficult and out of control aspect. Currently no specific regulation and policies have been put in place to address the issue of cyber terrorism. Lieberman indicates that it is an equivalent of Pearl Harbor happens in cyber that the government will know the importance of putting such measures in place.

The few available guidelines need to do the right thing indicated by the civil and privacy lobbyist. In responding to   the reluctance of the government to address the vice, Smart IT Shops have taken the initiatives of responding to this threat from attackers in using unencrypted flash drives and downloading virus.This is a very informative essay which shortly gives a picture of cyber terrorisms in the present day. I feel the information given by the author has written is very important and I would recommend this article to those in IT and Systems security.


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On March 29, 2011