(Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner)Cover Letter, Resume, and Portfolio Assignment

(Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner)Cover Letter, Resume, and Portfolio Assignment

The following checklists outline all of the items you should include in your cover letter, resume, and portfolio.

Checklist for Cover Letter

Your cover letter should be:
Presented and formatted in a professional business manner
Addressed properly
Clear and concise and include:
Content Introduction
Content Body
Content Conclusion
Written in a professional style and include:
Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar
Clear and accurate sentence structure

Checklist for Resume
Your Resume should be clear, concise, and well-organized and it should also include your:

Name, address, business phone number, and e-mail address (top center of resume)
Profile: 2–3 sentences describing goal and positive attributes/characteristics
Certifications and licensure
Professional experience

Checklist for Portfolio

Your Portfolio should be clear, concise, and well-organized and it should also include your:

Personal philosophy statement
Personal goals (short term and long term)
Cover letter
Diplomas for formal education
Letters of recommendation
References (list names, affiliation, and contact information)
Certificates of attendance for continuing education
poster presentations


2107 Hancock Dr
Upper Marlboro Maryland 20774
soyebode1000@yahoo.com (202) 413 7296

• MSN: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Walden University (In Progress)
• Bachelor of Science in Nursing /BSN, Howard University,Washington DC (2016)
• Associate Degree in General studies Prince George’s Community College Maryland (2013)
• The Federal Polytechnic Offa Kwara State Nigeria, Higher National Diploma in Business Administration (2007)
Department of Behavioral Health, Washington, DC 2020- presents (Mental Health Registered Nurse)
Address: 35 K St NE, Washington, DC 20002, Phone: (202) 442-4202
• Complete the patient assessment and prepare them for psychiatric evaluation
• Care delivery to the patient as ordered by psychiatric
• Document the patient’s information and care provided
UM Prince George’s Hospital Center, Cheverly Maryland 2017-present (Mental Health Registered Nurse)
Address:3001 Hospital Rd Cheverly MD, Phone: (301) 618 2000
• Work with doctors to develop a treatment plan that is appropriate for each patient.
• Assesses the patient’s problems, medical needs, plan the best way to deliver care.
• Respond to patients in a non-threatening manner to understand the source of the problem.
• Works with patients’ families, helps educating them to provide relief and functionality to all patients.
• Provision of fast and efficient nursing care during the emergency situation to keep the patient stable
• Behavioral management
ManorCare Inc. Hyattsville Maryland 2016 - 2018 (Registered Nurse)

Address: 6500 Riggs Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20783, Phone: (301) 559-0300

• Work with a team of healthcare professionals to deliver a direct care within the scope of nursing practice
• Prepare admission and discharge plans
• Prepare and administer medication
• Foster the planning and delivery of health promotion to patients
• An outstanding knowledge and understanding of nursing skills
• Exceptional ability to learn fast, adapt to a new change
• Work under pressure with no supervision and manage stress
• Excellent communication skill, proficient in English language accompanied by a friendly approach
My interest lies in, Healthcare Management, Mental health, Public health (Evidence Based practice in public health diseases prevention) Comfort care, Safety and disaster/emergency preparedness (using CDC and OSHA precautions
Travelling, public lecturing/teaching, camping soccer, outing swimming, cooking, and community service (Blood Donation/ American Red Cross) All other information are available upon request