Project – Atherosclerosis disease

Requirements The requirements for the Project about Atherosclerosis disease include the following: Outline of the Project – Create an outline of your project (1 page). The outline should only contain topic headings and a brief description of what it will cover. Remember that your outline will be a guide as you write your paper to keep you on topic and organized. Required paragraph topics include but are not limited to: the role nutrition plays in the prevention of the disease, etiology, progression, treatment, recommended diets, nursing assessment, nursing interventions, client education, and adherence. 1-Page Project Status Must be 9-10 pages,(not including outline of the project page, Reference Page, and 1-Page Project Status) Must include an introductory paragraph that describes the entire project. Must have a title page and an APA Editorial formatted Reference page with at least 4-5 scholarly peer reviewed references. There must also be appropriate APA Editorial formatted in-text citations. The project must have all of the following: identification of the alteration in health (disease), the role nutrition plays in the prevention of this disease, its etiology, progression, treatment, recommended diet, type of nursing assessment and nursing interventions needed with regard to nutrition, outline of what should be included in client education and two strategies to help ensure adherence (overcome barriers) to the recommended diet.