Professional nurse essay

Professional nurse essay

A nurse and other healthcare professionals write professional nurse essays to help them advance their experience and knowledge in their line of work. Professional nursing encompasses various disciplines, including informatics, nursing leadership, healthcare administration, and technology. Writing a professional nursing essay can boost a person’s career and establish them as an authority in their industry. In this article, we will discuss what is a professional nurse essay and give essay examples, among other insights.

What is a professional nurse essay?

So, how can you define a professional nurse essay? Here, you need to understand the roles of a professional nurse. A professional nurse works to give patients safe, competent care by expanding their knowledge and abilities and gaining experience from working in healthcare facilities and hospitals.

A professional nurse must have a diploma or degree and be registered with the state to be licensed to practice their profession. These nurses need to have the self-assurance to make the right choices regarding client care while acting honestly and earning the patient’s trust.

A professional nursing essay explains to readers why it is crucial for nurses to act professionally. In addition, they also describe why nursing educators should emphasize the importance early to help nursing students develop professional habits that will last with them throughout their careers.

Professionalism in nursing essay

Being a nurse entails more than just donning the uniform and treating patients with respect. Because of this, nursing students are introduced to professionalism through the writing of nursing essays.

You will agree that you should work to provide all of your patients with excellent, safe care while continuing to advance your understanding and knowledge in the field of nursing.

As they care for patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities, nurses can expand their knowledge and experience. Nursing students must write with professionalism during their training days.

The majority of nursing students encounter a variety of difficulties when during an essay. It will be ideal if you don’t worry because the advice provided below will, when followed carefully, let you shine professionally in the nursing paper.

Essay about the nursing profession

When writing an essay on the nursing profession, it is good to highlight some of the expectations of the job and some of the challenges that nurses undergo. In other words, it answers the question, ‘what does it mean to be a professional nurse?’

·         Expectations

  1. Nursing professionalism results from nurses improving their practice and educating others about their roles in the industry. Additionally, they serve as role models to open the pathway for professional learning from more seasoned nurses to less seasoned nurses.
  2. Overall, nurses who perform their jobs frequently carry themselves in a way that reflects well on nurses who offer nurses and the nursing industry. They tend to lift the reputation of the profession, benefitting the people and the community.

A nurse must understand that professionalism does not come easily. This is why continuous learning mandates that nurses continually assess their performance to ensure they uphold the criteria that will keep them professionally qualified.

·         Challenges in the nursing profession

Despite nursing being a rewarding career for many, it has its fair share of challenges. When writing a nursing profession essay, it is good to include these struggles. However, the difference in a person is one of the most prevalent challenges.

  1. Every nurse has a unique educational history and educational level, which can be used to categorize nurses.
  2. Gender concerns are another hurdle to professionalism because nursing has traditionally been a female-dominated field. However, this is changing as more and more enter the field.
  3. Patients and people must feel confident that they are receiving expert care if they are to trust to services being offered.

Types of a professional nurse essay

There are numerous types of professional nursing essays. They can include argumentative, narrative, descriptive, or expository essays.

There are many different purposes for writing them. A nursing philosophy statement is an example of a personal statement explaining why you want to become a nurse.

The philosophy statement is created to assist you in expressing to a potential employer your values, beliefs, and philosophy on nursing. A nursing philosophy statement is typically written after you finish your nursing education and practice application.

Characteristics of an excellent professional nurse essay

So, what should your professional nurse essay look like or contain? If you do not know how to write a captivating nurse essay, you can look for professional nursing essay writers to help you or search for professional nurse essay examples. However, here is a professional nurse essay guide to help you.

  1. Your nursing philosophy should be briefly summarized in the nursing essay. It can be written in one or two paragraphs and should be between two and three paragraphs long.

The philosophy statement may include an explanation of your goals for becoming a nurse, your values, and what nursing means to you.

  1. Your nursing essay should outline your motivations for wanting to become a nurse, your core beliefs, how you will contribute to the nursing field, and your professional goals. It should reflect your views and values as well as your personality.

Additionally, it should concisely declare your ideas and values and how you plan to use your nursing expertise to advance the profession.

  1. A nursing essay should include an explanation of why you decided to pursue a career in nursing, the values you hope to teach to your patients, and your professional goals. Your views and values are reflected in the declaration of your nursing statement.

You should, therefore, write a philosophy statement once you are done with your practice application and nursing education.

  1. A nursing essay can be used as an essay for a nursing application and is typically written on a nursing practice statement.

A nursing essay is composed by the candidate in their own words and may contain thoughts, examples, and personal observations.

How to write a professional nurse essay

Writing a professional nurse essay requires a proper structure to address some of the essential factors. Writing your essay well will help you answer what is professional nurse essay with ease. Here is how to go about it.

·         Select a topic

You need to comprehend the requirements of the assignment. You cannot write a good essay if you don’t understand the assignment. So, take time and adhere to the guidelines of the essay. Make sure to pick a topic once you are aware of the criteria of the assignment.

There are times when difficulty is there, and there are times when you must choose your professionalism in the nursing field. Nursing professionalism is a vast topic. Thus, consider the problem from several perspectives so that you can focus on and reduce it.

The topic you choose needs to be one that can be researched and speaks about your nursing values. It is catastrophic to select a topic that does not interest you.

·         Conduct your research

You need to source information about your topic as much as you can. Therefore, think about gathering, analyzing, and presenting your data. However, before you begin expressing your professionalism in a nursing essay, you must have enough information.

Ensure you take your time and do some in-depth study to help you evaluate the important parts of your essay. Think about reading articles, books, blogs, and other examples of essays written by nursing professionals.

·         Structure your essay

The development of your essay will help you keep the points connected and flowing naturally. Therefore, make sure you are aware of the required component size. In most cases, you are only allowed to present up to two pages.

Consequently, you should be aware of the beginning and the ending of your essay. The best introductions are those that pique the interest of the reader. Your opening line needs to grab the readers’ interest.

Decide on a thesis statement that backs up your main title and includes it in the introduction. Your thesis must be supported by at least three arguments or concepts. The body of your essay is where the opinions should be expressed. As a result, think about using a paragraph for only one purpose.

·         Edit and proofread your essay

After writing your professional nurse essay, ensure you proofread it before submitting it.

Spend some time proofreading everything and correcting any grammatical mistakes. In order to prevent using the same terms repetitively, look at the word density. Writing mistakes are expensive and could result in a low grade on your transcript.

Even though you are a master at writing a professional nurse essay, you still need to know how to present yourself professionally in a nursing paper. Take time to understand what the essay requires, and write from a peaceful environment.

Example of a professional nursing essay

Here is an example of a professional nursing essay to help you understand how to write a perfect professional nursing essay. Pay close attention to the characteristics.

“I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in nursing at Mercyhurst college. I have a lot of experience working with people who have developmental and intellectual challenges. I have a strong desire to support adults as they go about their daily lives and transition into adulthood. I want to work as a community health nurse one day.”

Being a nurse essay

Nursing is one of the careers that a person with a captivating personality will aspire to pursue. In such a setting, a person’s desire to embrace concern for others is sufficient. You can pursue requirements for prospects for promotion and specialty areas through a career in nursing.

Due to the staffing shortage, the workload for the nurses appears to increase.

In the nursing field, the largest setting includes; medical offices, outpatient care facilities, home health care, and hospitals. There are constantly new opportunities that might fit the services that nurses might provide. This allows the nurse to work in various departments.

Basic requirements for nursing

Before you take advantage of the nursing career choices, there are specific requirements that you must fulfill.

  1. First, a Bachelor of science in nursing (BS/BSN) degree is necessary. The duration of this four-year program varies between colleges and universities. Having these qualifications gives one the best chance possible when it comes to nursing job options.

Additional credentials, such as an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (AND), are also available. These programs are available at junior and community colleges, as well as some medical facilities and universities. About three years are required for the course, which trains nurses to provide direct patient care in a range of settings.

  1. Another designation is licensed practical nurse (LPN). This certification allows doctors and registered nurses (RNs) to give basic nursing care straight to the patients. The accelerated programs (Accelerated BSN/MSN) are better. This program provides master’s level information on additional nursing principles.

Challenges of being a nurse

  1. Examples of difficulties that nurses encounter include excessive or high workloads and irregular and isolating work schedules.

Additionally, nurses have to endure physical exhaustion, the emotional demands of caring for sick patients, uncertainties about treatment, worry about technical knowledge and skills, and conflict with other nurses.

  1. The impacts of night shifts have continuously impacted the well-being of nurses. For example, nurses, who are assumed to be healthcare professionals, are required to work, even at strange hours, like late at night.

To make matters worse, employees working in intensive care units must contend with the difficulty of being exposed to a dangerous environment due to exposure to equipment that poses a health risk.

  1. The available nurses close to a particular community would be relied upon to provide some medical support when there are few medical practitioners. This is clear in less wealthy areas with restricted access to general practitioners.

As a result, nurses in these settings would be trusted to provide services like patient screening and classification, medical advice, health promotion, and education, nutritional guidance, prescribing and interpreting diagnostic tests, and evaluating illnesses and injuries.

  1. Making a distinction between their roles with respect to those of other health professionals is another hurdle that nurses must overcome. This represents a setback in terms of providing trustworthy service and direction regarding the stated clinical value of their interventions.

The reason for this is that nurse practitioners’ degree programs frequently focus on a narrow range of topics, such as pharmacology and drug interactions, using research and audit in clinical practice and referral and discharge.

  1. You can therefore conclude that being a nurse offers both advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to overcome these obstacles to ensure good career practice.

In order to find practical solutions to a specific issue, the health stakeholders must discuss the issues that occur. As it has been highlighted, nursing practice has to be a calling to provide effective services.

Professional nurse essay topics

Sometimes, while pursuing your nursing program, you will be asked to write a professional nurse essay or research paper. Nursing is a vast subject to discuss, especially with new advancements being altered frequently.

It is a delicate subject with well-expressed research; thus, it necessitates your complete comprehension. But how do you choose professional nurse essay topics? If you have no idea what to write about, you read through the following nursing essay sample topics to get an idea.

These topics can be categorized into descriptive, controversial, persuasive, and argumentative.

·         Persuasive nursing essay topics

Persuasive topics can help make the reader utilize logic and reasoning to realize that different ideas are more acceptable than others in nursing issues. The goal is to influence the reader to accept a compelling act and see things differently.

Examples of these nursing essay topics are provided below.

  1. Fewer employees in a hospital shouldn’t be held accountable for low and subpar care
  2. Nurses are more crucial than physicians
  3. Since women dominate the nursing force, men should be encouraged to enter the profession
  4. No one should choose to take the life of someone who is suffering
  5. Nurses should be paid on a level with or even higher than doctors
  6. The hospital should have a permit or transit to travel to every foreign country, including the nursing personnel
  7. In the nursing field, theory and practice are quite ambitious
  8. The best approach to promoting health to an unborn kid is through prenatal care
  9. Gerontological cases when caring for senior citizens

·         Controversial nursing essay topics

Controversial topics, as the name suggests, are disputed nursing issues that could come up in this field. Given the length of their shifts, nurses may encounter problems if they only consider one side of the story and end up prescribing the incorrect medication.

For this reason, nursing students should write a thought-provoking paper with sufficient research to back up their treatment. Some of the topics to discuss can include:

  1. Is the job of a nurse more crucial than the doctor?
  2. Why should nurses be required to put in more hours, and how does this improve their abilities?
  3. Are nurses subject to larger health risks than doctors?
  4. How should the medical staff and the nursing department collaborate?
  5. Is nursing mostly a female profession?
  6. Are night shift nurses paid more than those who work during the day?
  7. Should nurses receive the same substantial attention as physicians?
  8. Are the nursing staff members licensed to give medication?
  9. How many nurses should there be at a facility?
  10. Does a nurse’s ability to perform their job well suffer from working longer hours?

·         Descriptive nursing essay topics

Descriptive topics typically concentrate on a single incident that happened to the nurse or the facility. A student has to describe a setting or an item that results in a written experience under certain conditions.

The topics of discussion can include;

  1. Describe the use of video communication in telehealth between nurses and doctors, even in the emergency department.
  2. Describe the evolution of medical home care over time
  3. Discuss your view on how this moral profession will change over the next few years
  4. Evaluate the role that personal caregivers have played in oncology to assist cancer patients
  5. Explain what social skills mean in this context and how it is used
  6. In your essay, describe bioterrorism and the level of readiness of each nurse
  7. What quality improvement initiative determines the objectives and goals of nursing students inside a facility?
  8. In the essay, discuss the role of a nurse in pain treatment
  9. In your essay, explain how fetal growth affects the nursing profession
  10. Outline how a nurse would handle a patient who is facing death and how they need to inform the patient’s family.

·         Argumentative nursing essay topics

An argumentative essay can be an interesting piece to write about. Therefore, make an effort to select a nursing subject that isn’t too broad and doesn’t rely solely on facts. Nonetheless, the essay topic must be distinct, and you must be an expert.

If you don’t have a single idea of the topics to choose, here are some ideas you might want to consider.

  1. Discuss in your essay how having more men work in the nursing sector would be beneficial for promoting equality.
  2. Should nurses be allowed to put a patient to death?
  3. Can they offer greater care and services if their wages are raised?
  4. Are nurses permitted to assume additional duties that belong on the shoulders of doctors?
  5. Are all safety regulations required for all facilities worldwide?
  6. Why should nurses give out placebo effects?
  7. Is it accurate to say that hospitals with few nurses operate poorly?
  8. Should nurses be permitted to give out homeopathic medications?
  9. Should nurses receive better healthcare and higher qualifications after an additional year?
  10. Government funding for stem cell research is necessary.

Professional nursing essay writing services

If you want to gain expertise in writing a stellar professional nurse essay, you can read a professional nursing essay template or nursing essay sample available online. Alternatively, if you want your work written to be a profession, you can hire our professional nursing essay writing services.

In a nutshell

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the concept professional nurse essay. We have also discussed the importance of the nursing profession, which is a critical health sector component. However, nurses must obtain a higher degree of education and master new abilities in order to work in various situations. If you experience trouble writing your nursing essay, you are free to source samples from our website. We can also help you write an essay at an affordable price if you wish to. Click here for more.

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