The goal of this test is to help you get the skills and knowledge you need to manage in a healthcare setting and understand what makes nursing leadership different.
Leadership in nursing requires a special set of skills related to how organizations work and the health care field. Leaders in the healthcare industry need to know about leadership in the nursing field, the roles and responsibilities of the nurse leader, and human resource management. These are all important parts of nursing management. As the healthcare industry continues to change and evolve, it is important for nurse leaders to be well-versed in both healthcare management and nursing leadership.
For this assessment, think of yourself as a nurse leader, which could be your current job if you are a nurse leader at your organization. As a nurse leader, you are in charge of several departments, units, or service areas. You are having trouble with outcome measures that do not meet benchmarks. You think that your teams and staff would do a better job if they were more involved.
The work you send in must be your own. Even if the source is cited correctly, no more than 30% of the submission as a whole and no more than 10% of any one source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased. When you turn in your work, you get a report on its originality that you can use as a guide.
To pass this task, you need to be good at professional communication. Before turning in your final work, you should definitely check it for spelling and grammar.
You must use the rubric to guide how you make your submission, since it has detailed criteria that will be used to judge it. Each of the requirements below can be judged in more than one way. The titles of the rubric’s parts may have links to relevant parts of the course.
A. Make a performance data scorecard that your healthcare organization can use to focus on outcome measures. Here’s what you should include:
1. Figure out which patients are being helped.
2. For each of the following indicators, find at least one outcome measure for the population you chose in part A1:
• performance • quality • patient safety • engagement of employees
B. Talk about the processes that are needed for each outcome measure.
1. Talk about at least one more indicator that a nurse leader would need to keep an eye on regularly to drive results as part of the performance data scorecard.
C. Talk about at least three good things about the performance scorecard you made in part A.

D. Look at at least two current trends in healthcare that have to do with how engaged employees are.
1. Explain how employee engagement affects the quality of health care.
2. Talk about whether the tools your organization has now give the nurses in charge enough information about how engaged their employees are.

E. Use the performance data scorecard to come up with a plan to get your employees more involved.

Note: This plan could have goals, strategies, evaluations, timelines, etc., but it doesn’t have to.

1. Talk about the best ways to lead that get employees more involved.

F. When you use sources, make sure to use APA format for all in-text citations and references.
Note: When using sources to back up ideas and parts of an assessment, the submission MUST include in-text citations in APA format and a reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrases. It is not necessary to list the sources that were looked at if they were not quoted or paraphrased in the assessment itself.