Premenstrual Conditions

Premenstrual Conditions

CASE: Susan is a 24-year-old (G2P2) married white female experiencing some health issues over the past year that appear to come and go each month. She tells you that she is experiencing extreme mood swings that start about 7-10 days prior to her menses. Her moods fluctuate between sadness and anger and can be triggered at the “drop of a hat”. She claims this is affecting her social and work life. She is fatigued and finds herself dozing off throughout her workday. Her boss has even commented on the fatigue and has suggested she see her healthcare provider.

Group A Post #1: Initial Post Instructions

1) Review the MSN Discussion Question Grading Rubric.

2) Indicate your assigned Group at the top of your post.

3) Rank your top three diagnoses for this patient based on the information in the case study. Discuss your reasoning for each diagnosis.

4) Discuss the etiology of the primary diagnosis for this patient.

5) What other questions would be important to include in the interview of this patient?

6) Discuss your management plan for this patient, including education, pharmacological, and non-pharmacological.