Phenylketonuria and colorectal cancer screening

Screening for Phenylketonuria and Colorectal Cancer

Discuss your choices and make a final client selection in your small group. Then, as a group, outline a basic list of recommended screenings for your client based on USPSTF guidelines (PDF) (Links to an external site.).
Choose two of the recommended screenings for your client and based on the USPSTF guidelines, address the following points for each of the two recommendations you have chosen:
1. Screening for Phenylketonuria (page 70)
2. Screening for Colorectal Cancer (page 22)
• Summarize the recommendations including the review of clinical considerations.
• State the grade and quality of evidence and explain what they mean.
• Utilizing online resources, find two other professional sites that provide screening recommendations for your two topics/illnesses and critique their similarities and differences.