Phases of Sleep

Phases of Sleep
This is a group assignment. My part is to define the phase of sleep targeted when using Temazepam.
Discussion 6.1: Sleep Disorders Video
Medication: Temazepam
**Define the phase of sleep targeted using Temazepam**
In your assigned groups, create a five- to eight-minute video promoting an insomnia disorder medication. Include:
• A 30-second “commercial” intro
Phases of Sleep
• Phase of sleep that is targeted (including defining the phases)
• Discuss indications for use, FDA approval, major interactions, side effects, contraindications, and so on
• Warnings, patient teaching
Note: You can use [Groups] Week 6: Sleep Disorders Video Planning to work on this project.
One member of each group should post your original video, script, slides, and references by the end of Day 3. Be sure to include the names of each group member clearly on the post so that they can be graded. Then, by the end of Day 6, respond to at least two other groups’ posts. Note that you will not be graded on your acting or commercial-creating ability (or lack thereof).

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