Patient Consent/Patient Rights & Responsibilities/End of Life

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Topic:Patient Consent/Patient Rights & Responsibilities/End of Life
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Details:Evaluate and discuss the legal implications of the actions in the foregoing scenario in light of the module materials and your own research. Please be thorough in responding to the following questions: 1.Identify and briefly explain the elements of informed consent; 2.Discuss whether Mrs. Sparza's consent was properly obtained; 3.Identify Mrs. Sparza's rights regarding end-of-life decision-making; and 4.Discuss the nature of the act of injecting morphine. 5.Was it legal? Salladay, S. A. (August, 2000). Grandmother's plea. Nursing, 30(8), p. 66. Torrey, T. (February, 2009). "The wise patient's guide to rights and responsibilities". Retrieved from ExpertLaw. Retrieved from FindLaw "Gross Negligence and Lack of Informed Consent" Retrieved from Retrieved from