Nat Turner: My Opinion

My perspective on Nat Turner is that of a fanatic. Nat turner was undoubtedly made to believe that he, with the outgrowths on his head and breast, was a unique Negro who unlike most other Negroes was not born to be enslaved by the Whites in Carolina. His believe was confirmed by his very religious grandmother, his master a strong church attendee, and finally some religious persons who had visited their house one day who noticed his singularity and said he would never be a slave.

Having brainwashed himself with this conviction, Turner self-confirmed that he was sent to this world for the divine purpose of saving his fellow negroes from the slavery to the whites using any means possible. This early childhood incident made indelible impression on his mind and laid the foundation for his enthusiasm which despite early stages defeat, he still persisted to make it work but found him in jail all tied in chains, denied his freedom and with the blood of both negroes and whites still fresh in his hands.

From there, Turner began seeing visions, experiencing dreams and even isolating himself from the rest of the world all in the name of seeking for answers to this wicked thought while hiding under the umbrella of religion the same one he goes against while he and his fellow men go killing innocent men, women and children.His mind is set on just one thing getting revenge for the enslavement of his fellow Negroes.

Am convinced that his stand took advantage of his illiteracy and ignorance to get him thinking that he would not be defeated in his mission which indeed saw him go to the extent of pleading not to be killed by Mr. Phipps after his concealment was discovered . Finally he died a painful death after being convicted in a court of law for cold blood death plot. Still, he saw himself powerful enough to command others to do what he wished-Kill.


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