My Reflection and thoughts on the reality of Living with Stage IV Breast Cancer

My Reflection and thoughts on the reality of Living with Stage IV Breast Cancer
Reflective Paper Assignment
As part of the assignment, students will have the option to choose one of the video clips below:
(1. A young women diagnosed with breast cancer,
2. A young man’s experiences
with acute pain
3. A caregiver’s experiences of caring for their daughter).
My Reflection and thoughts on the reality of Living with Stage IV Breast Cancer
The purpose of this assignment is for the student to critically examine the described experiences in order to acquire a new understanding of the situation, and to help develop one’s actions, practice and clinical knowledge. Students will reflect on one (1)
chosen video and write a 3-page double-spaced reflective paper responding to the
questions listed below.

Writing the paper

******Please respond to the questions below based on your experience of watching one
(1) of the short video clips:
********Please find below the link to the video I have chosen and highlighted for this
********The written content of the paper must have the following headings
1. Look: Describe the situation from both an objective and subjective perspective.
a. How did you feel watching the video? What are you seeing and hearing?
How would you describe Allie, John or Bobbi? Did anything surprise you?

2. Elaborate:
a. What do you know and what don’t you know about the situation? What do
you need to know in order to nurse effectively in this situation? Did you
have any questions about the information that was shared?
b. Choose and describe three (3) of the six terms used in the table below.
(Note: these are health conditions discussed in your chosen video).
******In this part, please feel free to choose any three of the health
conditions about Allie’s video.

Allie: John Bobbi
Invasive Lumber Puncture Caregiving burden
BRCA positive Cerebrospinal fluid Spinal cord injury
Estrogen positive Epidural blood patch Client with Quadriplegia
HER2 negative Post-dural puncture headache Castastrophic injury
Metastatic Meningitis Care coordination
Reconstruction Intracranial hypotension Compassion fatigue

3. Analyze:
a. Considering these three (3) terms, how may these concepts impact on Allie, John or Bobbi and their families?
b. Examine how and why the situation happened the way it did. Think about it in the context of your nursing courses, the literature, and the broader context of healthcare and community.
c. What else do you want to know about the experiences of Allie, John or Bobbi? Why?

4. Revise:
a. Consider your own beliefs, ideas and experiences regarding Allie, John or Bobbi or the care provided to them or their family.
b. Consider how and why your practice should remain the same and how it should be changed.
c. What are your strengths in caring for your patient and their family (Allie, John or Bobbi)?
d. What specific challenges do you face in providing care for your chosen client (video) and their family? Are there areas of nursing practice you feel more confident in? Less confident?
e. What might be some of your learning needs or goals be in order to address these challenges?

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