My Perspective

Ellison seems to be a very determined man. He is never moved by circumstances surrounding him and he is always fighting for his way to success. His grandfather serves as an inspiration to him though he is long gone. He believes that he takes after him and having been a fighter in his days Ellison wants to resemble him by fighting for his survival. Ellison had a lot of confidence in himself and believed that he could live on himself doing things his own way.

He never liked been interfered with in his work. The colleagues of Ellison were not comfortable working with him for they saw his as threat to them for he had made one of their own friends left out of the job.Ellison was so courageous to engage in a battle with his workmates. He fought for his life and saw him get a reward.

Ellison liked literature and this character is seen to have developed since childhood where his mother brought him reading materials from where he worked. This is evident whereby he was passionate enough to deliver a speech to the crowd even after the fierce fight with colleagues.People at the event where Ellison was addressing people did not like equality. This is seen when he uses the phrase ‘social responsibility’ where the audience yells at him with displeasure.

This however did not hinder him from delivering his speech.He gave a very nice speech such that he received a present for an overwhelming performance from the superintendent. Ellison had never thought of ever getting a favor like the one he got by securing a scholarship to study in the College of Negros. He believed that the triumphs he was going through were as a result of a curse he got from his grandfather at his deathbed