medication errors in Australia

this assignment is relative to the previous assignment (CPI) that you wrote it to me and I have to use same topic( medication errors in Australia). I will attach the previous assignment. Also, I will attach the RUBRIC form to guide yours within your writing.
To write the paper
• Students need to pose a clinical nursing question or think of a clinical nursing issue they are interested in.
• Students must then locate 10 primary studies relating to their clinical issue. Students may use the primary sources they used for assignment 2 if they wish.
• Students are required to analyze, summarise and synthesize the findings of those 10 studies, and critique the study designs. They will then be required to develop recommendations for future practice and research based on the study findings.
• Students will be shown how to construct a critical summary table during one of the lectures and in class. A summary table is used to assist with analysing, summarising, synthesising and critiquing study findings, and must be submitted as part of assignment 3. we can use same references that we used in CPI assignment.